I was planning to get married at the age of 26 but fahad was quite irresistable - Nazriya Nazim

It would be a irrevocable decision if i had said no to the marriage proposal by Fahad Fazil and i would have lost a good human being as my life partner. I was planning to get married at the age of 26 and after met Fahad Fazil i changed my decision. Nazriya was responding to a question asked during an interview by a popular malayalam film news magazine regarding why she married a person who is 12 years elder than her.

Nazriya Nazim has become a favorite star in the malayalam movie industry by acting in box office hits like Neram, Om Shanthi Osana, Bangalore Days etc. The actress got married when she was a demanding actress in the malayalam movies industry after several consecutive hits.

Nazriya has temporarily withdrawn from the malayalam movie industry after the marriage and didn't committed any projects after the marriage. It was told by the actress that there is no change in her life after the marriage and the life is continuing the same as it was before marriage.

She has also revealed that Fahad is a person who is liberal in his attitude and doesn't impose control on others personal life. It is baseless allegation that Fahad Fazil is not allowing me to return to the malayalam movie industry. Fahad is a person who asked when i am re-starting the acting career a week after the marriage, she said.

Nazriya has told that she is planning to come back to the industry and her re-entry will happen this year itself.

The actress has also told that, Sameer Thaha who was the cinematographer of the movie Bangalore Days has disclosed our love affair and if sameer thaha was not there then out affair will not have been discussed by the media at an earlier stage.

What actor sukumaran said is right? Malayalam movies industry is waiting infront of Sukumaran's Home

Actor Sukumaran has forayed into the malayalam movie industry with a hero having a remorseless attitute. In a few weeks actor Sukumaran has become an inevitable actor in the malayalam movies industry with his special way of acting which was then an innovative acting style.

Actor was having a characteristic of disclosing what he feels regardless of the audience. Due to this reason he was regularly in conflict with persons associated with film industry. When the actor came to know that several roles which were supposed to be acted by Sukumaran was shifted to some other actors, he has told to shaji kailas in the sets of movie Sauhridam that one day malayalam movie industry with stand in queue to get the dates of my children. During that time Shaji Kailas didn't took it seriously but later on time has proved that what sukumar said was right.

Prithviraj, the younger son of Sukumaran is continuing with his winning saga in mollywood, tollywood, kollywood and bollywood by being part of several box office hits in all south indian languages as well as in hindi. The actor who has won the kerala state award fo the best actor in the age of 24 has proved that he had got the guts to become a great actor.

The actor has been raining with offers from tamil and kannada movie industry and it is a fact that actor has been committed for various movie till 2020. The elder son Indrajith has become an inevitable part of success of various movies whether it is big budget or small budget. An actor who handles all types of roles whether it is negative or positive.

 It is fact that malayalam movie industry now stand in front of the Sukumaran's home to get a date of his children.

Actress beaten up by her mother in Hyderabad Police Station

Hyderabad : Actresses has been beaten up by her mother in police station. It was told that due to the harassment of her mother she had left home. The stars involved in the incident were Shwetha Reddy and her mother. Earlier her mother had filed a complaint in the police station that her daughter had ran away with her lover. But shwetha reddy has returned home in the evening and scene has twisted. When inquired about where she has been, she revealed that it was the harassment of her mother which led her to flee away for some time. Shwetha has told police that her mother full control of all the money she used to get from acting and she is not giving her money for her needs and expenses. Shwetha reddy's mother has complained in the police that her daughter had ran away with srinivas reddy, a person who is already married and has 2 children, taking away all the gold and money which was kept in the home. Shwetha has told police that it was the greed of her mother for more money had led to such drastic situations and she not a culprit in any manner.