Nursery Rhymes

The history of rhymes dates back to the ages. From the earlier period of human history different kinds of rhymes were in existence. Many cultures and kingdoms had got their on poets and they had created beautiful rhymes. Rhymes are those poems recurring with measured regularity which are being taught to taught to young children about 3-7 years of age. For years rhymes have been a medium of teaching then basics of language, arithmetics and developing behavioural ettiquettes. Rhymes are poems with child friendly music and actions which helps them to learn things easily and in an interesting way. As already said rhymes are poems and are mostly introduced in nursery , that is why they are known as Nursery Rhymes. As far as wordly meaning of 'Nursery' and 'Rhymes' are concerned; nursery is a place where children learn before school days usually between the age of 2-5. While children spend their time in nursery they used to learn things by listening to stories to and rhymes. Rhymes has got repetition of similar words in 2 or 3 sentences. Accompanied with music and actions and taught them in groups of children make them grasp stuff in a positive way.

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