Backwater Tourism in Kerala

Kerala - the enchanting tourist destination offers exciting opportunity for the tourists experience the rustic charm of the state that crosses the traditional houseboats called Kettuvallam. These tides of Kerala have loads of natural beauty characterize exotic waterways, Riverine estuaries, and lakes that give a new shape to a intermeshed network along the coast of Kerala.

The nature regou Kerala with the myriad of present and probably the best in India. And the tides are a scintillator that they spark like the diamond in the face of this state. In fact have become a major attraction because of its exceptional beauty and tranquility surprising. The tides of Kerala play a greater role in promoting tourism in the state above here that contributes to the national income of India.

Not only are these trips the enchantment, but also be a source of means of livelihood for the people of Kerala, because the main population here depends on the marine life and vegetation. A trip to Kerala is a series of interconnected waterways, rivers, the lakes, and estuaries of Riverine inputs that shape the network hampered along the coast of Kerala. Some of the famous destination in Kerala is the tide Alleppey, Kumarakom to the Mararikulam, the Cochin and Kozhikode.

Alleppey: A tour of the Kerala trip takes you to Alapuzzha, famous for its boat races, the fiber of coconut products, fish and lakes. Decorated by beautiful waterways and the surrounding channels, it is popular known as the `Venice of the East '. It is also home to the `of the Kuttanad rice bowl of India ', one of very few places in the world where farming is done is below sea level. Kuttanad is one of the most exotic destination of the trip to Kerala.

Kumarakom: A tour of the temptation of Kumarakom trip takes you to the local agricultural fields local embellished with luxurious pillow of trees dotted with fishing villages and coconut. However it also offers you the opportunity to visit the famous bird sanctuary of Kumarakom known for its rich and diverse wildlife.

Mararikulam: The tides in Mararikulam trips on a traditional boat of the country make it to the old fishing villages that appreciates the position of the exotic side of the sea with endless rows of coconut trees groovy.

Cochin: Cochin in `The Queen of the tides is the most preferred destination of the trip in Kerala. Most cruises begin or end the trip in Cochin. A conducted cruise through the winding waterways take you to different places Catita, that make your trip truly memorable Cochin. Navigating with the Bolgatty the console of Vyppin of Gundu and Vallarpadam gives you the opportunity see Chinese fishing nets, which reminds traders who had left their mark here.

Kozhikode: The Kozhikode tides want it to cross through the most luxurious destinations of the trips that are less explored by tourists. The voyage of the cruise Kozhikode navigation takes you to the moment of the trip across the river as New Kallai and Canola.

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December 28, 2009 at 10:21 PM

Kerala, one of the smallest states in India is one of the famous tourists attractions in South India. There are many fascinating elements that make Kerala a good tourist spot. Of them the thick forests with coconut trees allure many people all over the world. The hospitality shown by the keralites makes people to visit kerala often. The Literacy rate here is almost 100%, the only state to have all literates in India. Also Kerala has its own culture and traditions, the festivals that are celebrated here are note worthy. The festival of ships called Onam and the festival of elephants, all of them contribute to the True Beauty of India. It is a worth seeing tourist spot.
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