Malayalam Rhymes Video CD

The best malayalam nursery rhymes are available in the market. Now your kids can enjoy the best of malayalam nursery rhymes with animated video. The nursery rhymes available in malayalam are available in as a video cd. The animated and videos are perfected to make the children enjoy with quality sound a video. It is after several years malayali is having a great animated nursery rhymes in their hands. In the recent past several nursery rhymes cd has been released by various production companies but the were unable to entertain the children. The malayalam nursery rhymes created by increation media are perfect for the children as it is developed after in-depth analysis and research about various kids songs available in the market. The video cds satisfies the sole purpose of nursery rhymes and the core philosophy of Increation is to bring the best and unique products to cater the demands of market.

For this animated malayalam rhymes video named Oonjal, increation has conducted a focus group and there was an overwhelming response from the parents and kids. I think that this animated malayalam rhymes video cd is eventually become the most sought after product in the market.

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Nursery Rhymes

The history of rhymes dates back to the ages. From the earlier period of human history different kinds of rhymes were in existence. Many cultures and kingdoms had got their on poets and they had created beautiful rhymes. Rhymes are those poems recurring with measured regularity which are being taught to taught to young children about 3-7 years of age. For years rhymes have been a medium of teaching then basics of language, arithmetics and developing behavioural ettiquettes. Rhymes are poems with child friendly music and actions which helps them to learn things easily and in an interesting way. As already said rhymes are poems and are mostly introduced in nursery , that is why they are known as Nursery Rhymes. As far as wordly meaning of 'Nursery' and 'Rhymes' are concerned; nursery is a place where children learn before school days usually between the age of 2-5. While children spend their time in nursery they used to learn things by listening to stories to and rhymes. Rhymes has got repetition of similar words in 2 or 3 sentences. Accompanied with music and actions and taught them in groups of children make them grasp stuff in a positive way.

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Rhymes Malayalam

Malayalam rhymes are cherished by people around the world especially Keralites. Many good poets have contributed to malayalam nursery rhymes section and still has got much relevance in the minds of malayalees. Many people have tried to present malayalam rhymes in a different way and have been successful in the recent past.

Of late, Increation Media Private Ltd did an In-depth analysis and research about various kids songs available in the market. The core philosophy of Increation is to bring the best and unique products to cater the demands of market. After a thorough market study we thought of coming up with a kids-centric product and that led to the birth of this product, "OONJAAL". It is a collection of 10 songs specially for Kids. We decided to try something that is a little different for the kids. The lyrics are simple and easy to understand and are fun to sing along with. Songs are musically and educationally sound for children as well as fun and easy to use for teachers and parents. The songs are very simple and the exciting tunes will keep the kids humming and will capture their heart and soul. This CD also contains Karaoke of all songs with the lyrics for the kids to sing along.

For Oonjal, we conducted a focus group and there was an overwhelming response from the parents and kids. Increation feels that this would eventually become the most sought after product in the market.

The focus of this would be children from playschool – class 4.

We also are keeping a certain percentage of this for the Lesser Privileged children. We thought this would be a better way of helping them out.

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