Your ad on Social Network - Advertising on orkut

Google has invited advertisers to advertise on the most widely used social networking platform - Orkut. Google has announced the same through its blog and has created a detailed page on why and how orkut can help in advertising your product or services and reach the target market within minutes after the launch of advertising campaign. In the advertisement two pages are dedicated for India and Brazil and generic pages for other parts of the world.

Indians are widely using this social networking platform, Orkut for years and more & more people are getting added every day this reveals that a great piece of opportunities lies with the advertisers especially to reach the young people in india. Accroding to reports about
13 million active Indians are using orkut.
Orkut has got 5 billion page views from India.
and Over 53% of orkut users from india is under 25 years of age while 31% is between the age group of 25 -34 years.

Google is ready to monetize its social networking site this year targeting the huge indian use base. If you having a business and needs an immediate exposure why waiting for contact google to reserve your space in orkut. Visit the link provided below to find out more.

orkut Blog: Advertising on orkut