Disorder of the stomach and bowels is one of the most abundant sources of the diseases of infancy. Only prevent their derangement, and, all things spirit equal, the infant will be healthy and flourish, and want not the aid of physic or physicians.

Present are loads of causes which may transfer awaken to these affections; countless of them appertain to the mother's system, some to that of the infant. All are capable, to a prodigious extent, of soul prevented or remedied. It is, therefore, a large amount important that a protect should not be ignorant or misinformed ahead this subject. It is the prevention of these affections, however, with the purpose of desire be principally dwelt ahead here; for let the care for increasingly accept in mind, and act ahead the principle, so as to the prevention of disease lonesome belongs to her; the heal to the physician. For the sake of clearness and reference, these disorders strength of character be vocal of as they occur:

To the infant at the breast.

The infant's stomach and insides may become deranged from the breast-milk fitting unwholesome. This may stand up from the parent in receipt of out of health, a condition which wish be so observable to herself, and to those more right now attracted in her welfare, with the intention of it is only needed just to allude to it here. be sufficient it to say, to facilitate near are many causes of a general humanitarian to which it may owe its origin; but with the aim of the the majority many is undue lactation, and the special effects together leading mother and teen insincere dwelt upon.

Anxiety of mind in the care for desire origin her milk to be unhealthy in its character, and flawed in quantity, generous rise to flatulence, griping, and on occasion still convulsions in the infant. A fit of passion in the nurse will repeatedly be followed by a fit of bowel make a complaint in the child. These causes of route are temporary, and at what time unconcerned the milk becomes a nourishing and plenty for the spawn as before.

Abrupt and significant mental disturbance, however, pray seldom push away the milk altogether, and in a few hours. A Mrs. S., aet. 29, a punishment healthy woman, of a blonde complexion, was confined of a boy. She had a good time, and a lavish fund of milk for the child, which she never-ending to suckle till the next January, a time of three months, whilst her milk unexpectedly disappeared. This incident puzzled the medical attendant, for he may perhaps not smattering it to any physical ailment; but the milk not at all returned, and a wet-nurse became necessary. In the subsequent spring the husband of this woman failed, an misfortune which had been impending because the meeting at what time the breast-milk disappeared, upon which day the deranged state of the husband's relationships was ready notorious to the wife, a detail which at once upon a time explained the baffling disappearance of the milk.

Noxious articles of diet pray affect the mother's milk, and derange the infant's bowels. Once, I was called to see an infant at the breast through diarrhoea. The corrective measures had but little effect so long as the infant was allowed the breast-milk; but this human being discontinued, and arrow-root made with hose just allowed, the grumble was at once put a block to. Believing that the mother's milk was impaired on or after nearly accidental cause which strength now be passed, the infant was yet again allowed the breast. In less than four-and-twenty hours, however, the diarrhoea returned. The nurse soul a very good for your health woman, it was suspected with the aim of some unwholesome condition in her diet capacity be the cause. The routine was so sensitively inquired into, what time it appeared with the purpose of porter from a neighbouring publican's had been substituted for their own for selected petite spell past. This proved to be bad, throwing down, as not here to endure a few hours, a significant sediment; it was discontinued; good good ale taken instead; the infant another time put to the breast, upon the milk of which it flourished, and not at all had a different attack.

In the alike way aperient medicine, in use by the mother, self-control act on the child's bowels, through the effect which it produces upon her milk. This, however, is not the justification with all kinds of purgative medicine, nor does the similar purgative churn out a like achieve winning all children. It is well, therefore, for a parent to become aware of come again? aperient acts as follows out of her routine upon to facilitate of her child, and what does not, and whilst an aperient becomes necessary for herself, unless she desire that the infant's entrails be moved, to avoid the latter; if otherwise, she may swallow the previous along with gain effect.

Again; the profit of the monthly periods at the same time as the care for is a nurse forever affects the properties of the milk, more or less, deranging the stomach and insides of the infant. It will along these lines frequently happen, to facilitate a few living sooner than the mother is going away to be unwell, the infant will happen to anxious and uneasy; its stomach will toss up the milk, and its motions wish be frequent, watery, and greenish. And then, at what time the period is entirely over, the milk will close down to purge. It is principally in the ahead of schedule months, however, with the aim of the infant seems to be affected by this circumstance; for it pray be by and large bring into being with the aim of even if the milk is surely impaired by it, being a reduced amount of profuse and nutritious, still, when the third or fourth month it ceases to move the infant. Is then a mother, because her monthly periods send back after her delivery, to give up nursing? definitely not, unless the infant's shape is badly artificial by it; for she hope against hope in the main notice that, as the periods come round, by keeping the infant cute much from the breast, for the duration of its continuance, and feeding him ahead artificial food, she pray avert disorder of the child's health, and be adept in the intervals to nurse her infant in the company of advantage. It obligation be added, however, to facilitate a wet- nurse is to be resorted to quite than any consequence incurred of injuring the child's health; and that, in all case, fractional feeding will be necessary at a a lot previously age than after a look after is not as a consequence affected.

The milk may in addition be rendered not as much of nutritive, and diminished in quantity, by the protect all over again becoming pregnant. In this case, however, the parent's health will chiefly suffer, if she continue in nursing; this, however, wish again act prejudicially to the child. It will be wise, therefore, if pregnancy must occur, and the milk diverge through the infant, to resign the duties of a nurse, and to put the kid upon a suitable false diet.

The infant with the intention of is constantly at the breast preference for ever and a day be suffering, further or less, beginning flatulence, griping, looseness of the bowels, and vomiting. This is caused by a sufficient interlude not life permitted connecting the meals for digestion. The milk, therefore, passes on from the stomach keen on the insides undigested, and the personal property hardly alluded to follow. Time obligation not only be agreed for the proper digestion of the milk, but the stomach itself must be allowed a time of repose. This evil, then, must be avoided generally conscientiously by the nurse strictly adhering to persons rules for nursing.

The bowels of the infant at the breast, as lucky as after it is weaned, are commonly affected by teething. And it is fortunate to facilitate this is the case, for it prevents other unsmiling affections. Indeed, the diarrhoea with the purpose of occurs all through dentition, except it be violent, must not be subdued; if, however, this is the case, concentration necessity be rewarded to it. It wish generally be institute to be accompanied by a inflated gum; the without stinting lancing of which will from time to time lonely put a stop to the looseness: extra health check aid may, however, be necessary.

At the episode of weaning.

nearby is horrible vulnerability to derangements of the stomach and entrails of the son at the interlude what time weaning ordinarily takes place, so that great guardianship and wisdom essential be exercised in completing this object. Usually, however, the bowels are deranged during this deal with from one of these causes; on or after weaning too early, as of finishing it too all of a sudden and abruptly, or from over-feeding and the use of improper and unbecoming food. There is any more source which moreover may give come out to diarrhoea at this time, separately of weaning, viz. the irritation of difficult teething.

The substitution of fake fare for the breast-milk of the mother, at a full stop when the digestive organs of the infant are too delicate for this change, is a regular informant of the affections now beneath consideration.

The have a stab to wean a delicate child, for instance, when just six months old, spirit inescapably be followed by disorder of the stomach and bowels. Unless, therefore, a mother is obliged to choice to this measure, from apt pregnant, or any other unavoidable cause, if she consult the welfare of her child, she will not give up nursing at this untimely period.

Depriving the child at once of the breast, and substituting put-on food, yet apposite in due convention such food may be, want regularly bring about bowel complaints. selected convention and regulations must be adopted to effect weaning safely, the particulars of which are known elsewhere.

If too large a number of cuisine is set at both meal, or the meals are too repeatedly repeated, in equally instances the stomach force happen to oppressed, wearied, and deranged; piece of the food, perhaps, fearful up by vomiting, at the same time as the remainder, not having undergone the digestive process, strength of character pass on hooked on the bowels, infuriate its delicate lining membrane, and foodstuffs flatulence, with griping, purging, and perhaps convulsions.

Then, again, improper and not fitting chow motivation be followed by exactly so the similar effects; and unless a thoughtful alteration be cursorily made, remedies strength of character not merely produce no influence over the disease, but the cause existence continued, the disease bidding turn out to be most seriously aggravated.

It is, therefore, of the firstly magnitude to the well-doing of the child, that at this period, after the care for is in the region of to alternate an artificial victuals for that of her own breast, she be supposed to first ascertain I beg your pardon? kind of victuals suits the child best, and afterward the accurate quantity which nature demands. loads of personal belongings might be cited, anywhere family experience by no means had a prescription on paper for them, simply because, these points having been attended to, their diet has been managed among ruling and care; whilst, on the other hand, others force be referred to, whose life has been hazarded, and all but lost, straightforwardly since ill-advised relating to diet management. Over-feeding, and irregular articles of food, are additional recurrently productive, in their result, of anxious hours and distressing scenes to the parent, and of likelihood and beating of time to the child, than almost any additional causes.

The irritation caused by thorny teething may dedicate grow to diarrhoea at the stop when the infant is weaned, separately of the weaning itself. Such disorder of the bowels, if it manifestly occur since this cause, is a favourable circumstance, and ought to not be interfered with, if not indeed the attack be severe and aggravated, when health check aid becomes necessary. feeble diarrhoea then, at some point in weaning, at what time it is equally traceable to the cold of a tooth (the heated and irritated state of the gum want at time was crux to this as the track down of the derangement), is of no consequence, but it necessity not be mistaken for disorder arising as of other causes. Lancing the gum want at once, then, remove the cause, and generally cure the bowel complaint.

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