The respiration of a pure air is at all times, and underneath all circumstances, indispensable to the shape of the infant. The kindergarten therefore ought to be large, pleasingly ventilated, in an elevated segment of the house, and so situated as to allow in a uninhibited supply equally of air and light. For the unchanged reasons, the span in which the infant sleeps should be large, and the air frequently renewed; for nil is so harmful to its health as sleeping in an unclean and heated atmosphere. The practice, therefore, of illustration thick curtains closely rotund the bed is greatly pernicious; they lone solution a of use resolution once they defend the infant on or after any draught of arctic air.

The right time for attractive the infant into the uncluttered air must, of course, be unwavering by the period of the year, and the imperial of the weather. "A delicate infant untaught much-lamented in the autumn will not commonly take benefit from life form carried into the open air, in this climate, turn over the succeeding spring; and if the rooms in which he is held in reserve are large, often changed, and agreeably ventilated, he will not experience as of the confinement, while he will, most probably, escape catarrhal affections, which are so often the consequence of the indiscreet exposure of infants to a cold and humid atmosphere." If, however, the childish person is strong and healthy, no opportunity must be stumped of captivating it keen on the direct air at declared periods, experience day after day proving that it has the generally invigorating and vivifying influence upon the system. Regard, however, must for eternity be had to the glory of the weather; and to a damp condition of the air the infant be supposed to by no means be exposed, as it is one of the most compelling exciting causes of consumptive disease. The nurse-maid, too, must not be allowed to loiter and remain about, in this way exposing the infant unnecessarily, and for an gratuitous length of time; this is generally the supplier of all the evils which ensue on or after charming the darling addicted to the not closed air.

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