Which is the Best FM Radio in Kerala?

Private FM radio stations has been introduced in kerala about 8 months back. Kerala now has more than 6 private fm channels on air. There is good number of listeners for each and every fm radio stations in kerala. With fm radio feature being added to low cost mobiles phones by all the major mobile manufacturers, the penetration of fm radios has deepened and a large number of people both from urban and rural areas are tuning to private fm radios for music and news. Recent about 4 month back heartmates has introduced a online poll which asks for the best fm radio station in kerala. You can find the online poll result on the sidebar of this blog. During this online poll about 204 votes has been made by different people and you can see the results.

Out of these 204 votes Club Fm has secured 68 Votes 33%, Radio Mango has secured 59 Votes 28% of total votes, Radio Mirchi has secured 27 Votes 13% of total votes, Big FM has secured 19 Votes 9% of total votes, Ananthapuri FM has secured 16 Votes 7% of total votes, S FM has secured 15 Votes 7% of total votes.

*** This results is based on the number of votes polled those who have visited this blog during the poll and no obligation to any FM Radio Station currently operating in the state of kerala.

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