Kerala's Snake Boat into Guiness Book of World Records

A boat made of steel has entered the Guinness book of world records here recently to carry 141 people and be the longest vessel ever of its kind. The previous record was 118 people on board. A first of its kind in Kerala, the steel boat is 143.25 feet long and 5.74 feet wide. It weighed eight tons and was known as "Aries Chundan ". On 1 May, the ship carried a crew of 141 rowers, including five men bar in the Punnamada lake in the area of Alapuzha. We called all our vagrants in Kainagiri boat and have tried with 141 people on it. This time we have been successful for so many people on board. The time passed, our attempt with 118 people went in vain, Sohan said SK Roy, senior manager for the group of Aries. The boat was already recorded in the book of world records LIMC as long panel made of steel snake. The shape and stability has been designed using the world-famous "the Autoship " software. The force was analyzed by the finite element method. The boats of Kerala are older than 400 years. They were the vessels served traditional battle for logistics during the war between the kings of yesteryear. The boats are known and classified by category by shapes, sizes and purposes. Chundanvallam is the so-called because of its leader acutely. The snake boat limit indicates the shape of the stern, which looks to cover up a snake. The front end of this type of vessel in the tapered shape. The rear end will be greatly elevated water levels.

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