UST Global rewarded Tivoli Partner award

UST Global, the largest software provider in Kerala, was awarded the best reward for performing partner of Tivoli by IBM in respect of its efforts to promote the brand of Tivoli software at the Asia Pacific. The award evaluates the performance of members worldwide in the areas of sales growth, income, level of commitments undertaken, the forces of practice and the future potential activity in the region of Asia Pacific, UST indicated here Monday in a report. This award is given to the most promising partner for work completed in 2007-08. During the period, UST has successfully deployed eight solutions to corporate level Tivoli in the region. Tivoli products play a critical role in optimizing and controlling the implementation of the enterprise IT systems. As per information from UST Global, the main association with IBM will further enhance the IT infrastructure market growth of the Asia Pacific and provide a complementary and will helps in providing reliable solutions to prospective and potential clients.

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