Preparation for Lasik Sugery

Preparing for any type of surgery is a detestable and painful process. You must ensure you have everything ready and your body in the form of the first order. While preparing for eye surgery LASIK may not be difficult, there are some things you need to prepare before LASIK.

You should certainly stop using your contact lenses in weeks leading to your consultation before LASIK. Since the surgery depending on the shape and the extent of your cornea you must leave regain its form. The objectives are reshaping the cornea sometimes self - same, posing problems with LASIK. Here are some FDA recommendations based on your contact lenses:
Of soft contact lenses should be removed and not used for at least two weeks before your evaluation of LASIK.
Targets rigid gas permeable should be removed and not used for at least three weeks before the evaluation of LASIK.
Hard targets should be removed and not used for at least four weeks before the evaluation of LASIK.

When you meet the doctor to discuss eye surgery LASIK you should know some things about yourself. In fact the doctor know past or current medical reports and eye as well as any other drugs you are taking or are allergic to. It is important that you disclose all this to your doctor before deciding whether LASIK is right for you.

After you've found this personal information to the doctor, you should discuss whether you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery. Let him explain to you the risks, benefits and alternatives to surgery as well as what you can from beginning to end.

You should stop using any lotions, perfumes, or skim the day before surgery as well as any makeup that can get debris in the eye. The doctor may even request that you remove and rub your eyes for a long time before LASIK surgery to prevent the possibility of any type of infection.

Finally, you should definitely liked to arrange for transportation to and from LASIK surgery. Before LASIK surgery a few doctors to ensure you take some medicine to help you relax that could impair your vision and reaction time. After LASIK surgery you may need a few days to recover your vision, hence the need to arrange for a home training.

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