Kerala Tourism tie up with Mahindra Holidays

Kerala Tourism department has associated with Holiday Mahindra and resources to promote the home stays in the state, which faces an acute shortage of accommodation facilities during the season of maximum tourists. Tourism is a priority sector in the state. But the biggest problem seen by the tourism industry is the serious shortage of rooms for tourists. During the tourism season in kerala, the state requires around 20,000 rooms, but only 9,000 rooms are available. Last fiscal, more than 550,000 foreign tourists and almost seven million domestic tourists visited Kerala. Accroding to an official from the kerala tourism department, Kerala Tourism has decided to join hands with Mahindra because it will give tourists an experience of the unique, exciting and traditional hospitality of Kerala. As per kerala tourism department tie up with mahindra holidays is good to promote the home stays because the firm has got expertise and experience in resources and the provision of operating vacation packages holiday its members and international tourists.

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September 14, 2008 at 8:28 AM

Hi, Read the reviews about K2K Holidays and went on a tour to Kerala by their company. We contacted their bangalore office and then got a call from their Bombay office as all the marketing is taken care of from there. As suggested by others we had a very good experience in the first time we spoke to them. They had a very good knowledge about Kerala and also about many of the hotels and resorts out there. We confirmed the package and then we paid to advance to the bangalore office. We had a very good time even on our trip as everything was executed as we had booked. Also they have a local person who meets us on arrival which made us feel very comfortable providing all his contact details and stating that he was appointed here just to take care of the guest and would be available 24X7 on his mobile phone or the home nos. Really had a great time with K2K Shridhar Runthala