Ayurveda Village in Kerala

A village of ayurveda "bragging of the largest spa of ayurveda in the country, is about to be opened on November 1, near the famous beach at Kovalam in Kerala. The village, consisting of 16 houses, climbs inside the resource island of Poovar.
Culmination village is that 16 houses will be made in mud and have isolated from roofs and walls just to keep the heat party and no air conditioning will be required
The Poovar Island Resort fired a reputation almost seven years back when the country 's first floating houses have been launched in the ponds. Now Poovar Island Resort currently has 16 houses floating up on the Arabian Sea. The resort of ayurveda is established on a campus on 12 acres within the Poovar Island Resort. The ayurveda spa which is about to be setup will be having 20,000 square feet. There is a huge salon and 10 treatment rooms. The village has one of the latest kitchen, where cooking is done in accordance with the principles of the ancient Indian medical texts. The basic principles of ayurveda are not diluted. Each room has water body, private garden and enough light and air, which are a necessity for those who suffer, treatment of ayurveda.

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