Greenix, a Unique Cultural and Ethnic Village

The village of Greenix, a single artistic complex where the ethnic and cultural diversity of Gods Own Country is recreated in its original splendour, was inaugurated by the fishing of Kerala and the minister of recording S Sharma at the height Kochi close to here, the last evening. The 45.000 square feet of service, supported by Greenix is planned for tourists, students and researchers through the sphere and facets of displays the various ones of the state the 'culture of S and of the ethnic traditions. The complex comprises of a multiplexing of two theatres for executions of dance and of a cultural museum independently of a series of other equipment. It also places a training centre of Kalaripayattu, a restaurant of art gallery, a center of yoga, a curiosity shop and seven rooms for lodging at the inhabitant of those which are interested while seeking and to learn the art forms from art of Gods Own Country, Kerala.

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