Crisis in Cochin Port Trust Resolved

After the withdrawal of strike in the cochin port trust by the lorry drivers the movement of containers resumed in the cochin port. The lightening strike was going on for about four days which caused the stoppage of activities in the cochin port trust. The strike was called off after talks with the union leaders in the cochin port trust. The union leaders met N Ramachandran of, the chairman of Cochin Port Trust and given assurances with regard to streamline the functioning to ensure quick movement of containers. As a result of the strike about 900 containers were being stopped their operations inside and outside the port and several export consignments got blocked.
The drivers complained that they had to wait for hours to enter the terminal as the IGTPL which operates the Rajiv Gandhi Container Terminal, had implemented restrictions on entry to avoid congestion at the port during peak hours and this being the prime reason why they decided to strike

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