Requsites and Need of a HOME VEGETABLE GARDEN

In the decision on the location for your garden at home it is well to have once and for all of the old idea that the garden correction must be an ugly stain in environments at home. If pensivement planned, carefully planted and completely concerned, it can be made a beautiful and harmonious arrangement of the general arrangement, lending a touch of homeliness comfortable that shrub border or bed can never produce.

With this in mind we do not feel restricted to any party places simply because it is out of sight behind the barn or garage. In the place moderate-ranked means there will be little choice in the land. It will be necessary to take what is to be had, and then do the best that can be done with him. But there will probably be a lot of choice in the first exhibition, and secondly, convenience. Other things being equal, choose a spot near present easy access. It may seem that a difference of a few hundred yards only mean nothing, but if we depend largely moments available for work in and to observe the garden and in the breeding of many vegetables the latter is almost as important as the former this matter of convenient access will be much higher as likely to be first recognized. Not until you had to travel a dozen time-wasting for seeds or tools forgotten, or obtained by soaking your feet wet with extinction by the dew-soaked grass, you realize fully what This can mean.


But the thing of prime importance to be considered in selecting the task that is to bring you happiness and delicious vegetables all summer, or even for many years, east exposure. Select early spot you can find an inclination of parcel of land to the south or east, it seems to catch the early sun and the judge late, and this seems to be outside the direct path of cooling north winds and North-east. If a building, or even an old fence, protects against this direction, your garden will be helped along wonderfully, because an early start is a great big factor to success. If not already protected, a barrier board, or a hedge of a few low-growing shrubs or young green plants, add very significantly to its usefulness. The importance of having such protection or shelter is quite underestimated by the amateur.

The soil.

It is likely that you do not find a patch of garden soil ideal operational anywhere in your place. But unless all the worst soil can be made jusqu'très to a significant level of productiveness particularly sectors such as small gardens at home require. Large areas of land which are almost pure sand, and other so heavy and dirty that for centuries they extend uncultivated, were frequently made during only a few years, where they report annually on a huge harvests commercial basis. So do not be discouraged about your soil. The appropriate treatment of him is much more important, and a correction of low medium garden, or never-made-up soil will produce much for the gardener energetic and careful that the richest spot will develop under the methods Mean culture.

The ideal garden soil is a land rich and oily arénacée. And the fact can not be suraccentué that such soils are usually made, not found. Analyzing this description a little, because although we have here in the first four factors of the utmost importance of food gardening. The others are culture, humidity and temperature. Riches in the gardener 's vocabulary mean completely from the food plant; more than that and this is a point of fundamental importance that means completely from the food plant ready to be used immediately, prepared and lying on the garden table, or rather in it, where growing things can immediately use him, or what we call, in a word, plant food available . Virtually no ground in communities inhabited long-remains naturally rich enough to produce large crops. It is a rich, rich or kept in two ways, first of all, a culture, which helps change the raw plant food stored in the soil in the forms available, and secondly, by manuring or add the food plant ground external sources.

Sandy in the sense used here, means a soil containing enough particles of sand so that the water passes through it without leaving sticky paste and a few days after a rain turn enough, as it is called, so that a handful, under ordinary conditions, crumbles and falls apart easily after being pushed by hand. It is not necessary that the soil is sandy in appearance, but it should be crumbly.

Earth fat: rich and friable soil Webster said. This covers the penalty, but he described. It is a ground where sand and clay are in appropriate proportions, so that neither one nor the other would predominate considerably, and usually dark in color, culture and enrichment. Such a soil, even to the untrained eye, just naturally looks as if it would raise things. It is remarkable how quickly the physical aspect of all of a piece of land cultivated good change. One example noted by my notification last fall in one of my fields, where a band containing an acre had been two years in onions, and a small piece of jutting off the middle of this had been prepared for them just during a season. The rest had not received any additional manuring or culture. When the field has been plowed up to autumn, all three sections was apparent as distinctly as if separated by a barrier. And I know that next spring 's crop of rye, before it is ploughed below show the lines of demarcation just as easily.

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