Railway Providing Internet Services in Railway Stations

The Indian Railways is placed to join the movement of Internet Providers in Kerala with a special provision for these sites for downloading educational materials. The railways provides internet connection to broadband in the state by Railtel corporation of India Ltd. The greatest incentive for those who take the net service of Indian Railways is that they can download material for the education freely. Internet service would become operational within two to three months as per a railway official. Railtel, which controls the communication sector of Indian Railways, has extended over 38,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable across the country, which is the backbone to provide broadband connectivity in the state. This network is such that each station in the country can be transformed into a source for education centres. But we decided to provide broadband connectivity to the people by cable operators. Towards this, Railtel conducted a connection with the seven Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore where they have more than 6,000 hours of lectures prepared by the faculty which can be download at a great speed when compared to the normal internet connections.

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