Monsoon Failure in Kerala

With the prediction of average rainfall in the state during this monsoon got wrong, the difficult time has started for keralites. As per the current scenarion difficult times are yet to come for Kerala as monsoon South-West continues to elude the state. As per the numbers the state is experiencing a rainfall of more than 60 percentage. Scarce rains already pushed the state into a dark electricity crisis with the storage level in reservoirs in hydropower. The elusive monsoon would also have negative effects on agricultural production that heavy rains in June-July period is the most important factor to retain moisture content in soil for the rest of the year. In addition to the 30 minutes peaktime loadshedding applied there is a fortnight, Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) last week proposed stricter measures to manage the crisis. The measures included a temporary surcharge on all categories of consumers to compensate in part the enormous cost to purchase entailed for expensive power from outside sources to meet domestic demand and regulations of high voltage and ultra-high voltage users. The Government and Regulation Commission l electricity (SERC) should consider the recommendations that the chances of handling the situation with the available resources are quite bleak. According to Indian Meteorological Department sources, until mid-last week, the state has received 52.2 cm against the normal seasonal average rainfall of 93.4 cm. The situation is especially grim in Idukki district where the major hydroelectric reservoirs are located and Wayanad which is the remains of cash crops, official sources said.

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