Mobile Phones to be Banned in Kerala Schools

Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said Kerala Assembly that the government will ban the use of mobile phones in high schools. The minister said that no fewer than 14 cases were recorded in connection with mobile crimes, including people at risk and taking pornographic photographs. All that we have now is a simple order by the government so that mobile phones can be used in schools. But now it was decided that government will introduce new laws to that effect, a ban on phone use mobile in all schools, Balakrishnan said the state assembly.Balakrishnan was responding to a presentation by opposition legislator N. Jayaraj said that telephones were being used by students of the difficulty of their classmates. I had a few complaints that mobile phones are used by students. Although Jayaraj demanded that the use of mobile phones are banned in schools, including colleges, Balakrishnan said the ban would be imposed only in schools.

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