An distinct exhibhition Kalpetta

Rare kind of exhibhitions are taking in and around the world. In kerala one of the recent distinct exhibition in kerala was an exhibition of different varieties of mangos. The exhibition has been visited from people from in and around kerala to see differnt kind of mangos and know more about them. An exhibition showing the vast collection of eggs in different colors from various regions of the world attracted visitors, including tourists and foreign students in kalpetta. The exhibition which began last week is being conducted in the hilly area of Pookkot. The exhibhition includes the eggs of the Emu and Ostrich. These types of eggs are being seen by keralites for the first time. Efforts were on to obtain eggs kiwi (Newsland) and egg blue-coloured bird Auracana of Australia to the exhibition. In addition, the museum also show images of different kinds of animals, depicting the details and scientific point of origin, among other things, he said. Stating that the exhibition would be open for visitors on a permanent basis, Dr. Abraham said that the intention to organizing the exhibition was to create awareness among people and give details scientific visitors, especially children.

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