Kerala Ratna Award

Kerala Local Self-Government Minister Paloli Mohammed Kutty was selected for the first ever 'Kerala Ratna 'awards for his services he made to the society and for his way he had worked in kerala politics. The minister has been selected by the committe organised by Bharatiya Jamnapakshan and will be awarded by former President Therambil Ramakrishanan on August 3 in a function held in cultural capital of kerala, thrissur.

New Kerala Tourism Packages

The Kerala government has introduced some packages tourism rates dealers to lure passengers during the season from April to September. Announcing the new Director M Sivasankar said that the state won the Rs 2640.94 crore of foreign tourists, a record growth of 32.82 percent over the previous year while all the income from tourism during 2007 was Rs 11,433 crore, an increase of 25.28 percent compared to 2006. The visit of foreign and domestic tourists also increased by 5.92 and 20.37 percent respectively in 2007. In each of 2.34.209 foreign tourists visited Kerala during the first quarter of 2008, which shows an increase of 20.05 percent over the corresponding period in 2007, when all the arrival of domestic tourists during the first quarter was 18.12 .490 Which is an increase of 15.04 percent over the same period of 2007, he added. To sustain the momentum several innovative programs were launched by the Kerala tourism for the first time in the country which includes racing yacht at sea, the market's travel Kerala (KTM) - the only market tourism in the sub - the continent that brings together the business fraternity behind tourism and the concept of responsible tourism, "" Mr. Sivasankar informed.

An distinct exhibhition Kalpetta

Rare kind of exhibhitions are taking in and around the world. In kerala one of the recent distinct exhibition in kerala was an exhibition of different varieties of mangos. The exhibition has been visited from people from in and around kerala to see differnt kind of mangos and know more about them. An exhibition showing the vast collection of eggs in different colors from various regions of the world attracted visitors, including tourists and foreign students in kalpetta. The exhibition which began last week is being conducted in the hilly area of Pookkot. The exhibhition includes the eggs of the Emu and Ostrich. These types of eggs are being seen by keralites for the first time. Efforts were on to obtain eggs kiwi (Newsland) and egg blue-coloured bird Auracana of Australia to the exhibition. In addition, the museum also show images of different kinds of animals, depicting the details and scientific point of origin, among other things, he said. Stating that the exhibition would be open for visitors on a permanent basis, Dr. Abraham said that the intention to organizing the exhibition was to create awareness among people and give details scientific visitors, especially children.

Innovation in Ceramic Art

Pot making and clay modeling is an art which is being practiced for centuries. The history of pot making dates back to centuries before Jesus Christ. In the early days of human evolution pots are being made and used as a house hold utensil. But with the advent of metal, metal products has replaced these manually made pots. With good quality ceramic art on the pots and ceramic products the location of pots has changed from kitchen to living room and bed rooms. Designer pots are highly in demand for the purpose of interior decoration.

The method of pot making and ceramic art has changed drastically with the introduction and automation of new devices. QuickCenter system is one of the latest addition to the field of ceramic art and pot making. The one of the major issue faced by the potters is that of centering on the potter's wheel. For years this has been a major problem especially for those who are into special art. This centering device helps in solving this problem. The centering of clay is one of the most important steps in throwing pottery. If your clay is not centered, when you begin to make up the model or pot, it will lose its balance. The main purpose of quick center is to centralize the clay before beginning to start making it. Since the clay is centered before the wheel starts to turn, one can experience the thrill and the art of launching without losing time and patience getting to this point. The new products for the potter's wheel like this quick center system helps to ease the way new generation ceramic products are being produced.

Garden of Wild Flowers

A garden of wild-flower has a noise more attractive. It is believed to long noises in the woods, collecting material, and then the fun by setting up a real surely wild garden.

Many people say they have no chance at all with such a garden. This is not a matter of chance but a matter of arrangement, because the wildflowers are like people and each has its own personality. What plant has been accustomed to in the nature wants it forever. In fact, once removed from its own kind of living conditions, it makes you sick and dies. It is enough to tell us that we should copy nature itself. Suppose that you hunt wildflowers. As you choose certain flowers of wood, note the ground that they are inside, the location, conditions, environments, and neighbors.

Suppose that you find and purple flowers of wind-dog-tooth almost amounting together. Place and then in your new garden. Suppose you find a certain purple assess a situation open, so it should always have the same thing. You see the point, do not you? If you want wildflowers to grow in a garden docile them feel at home. Trichez them into believing that they are almost always in their pensions natives.

The wildflowers are to be transplanted after time developing is completed. Take a trowel and a basket in the woods with you. Because you take one, a colombin, or hepatica, is safe to take with the roots part of the plant 's own soil, which must be packed on it once replanted.

The bed in which these plants are entering should be prepared carefully before this trip to you. Surely you do not want to bring these plants back to the waiting over a day or overnight before planting. They should enter into new quarters immediately. The bed needs the ground wood, deep and rich and full of leaf mold. The pipeline below should be excellent. Then the plants are not entering into the ground water-logged. Some think that all factories should have wooden flooring saturated with water. But the woods themselves are not water-logged. It may be that you had to dig your garden up very deeply and put some stone at the bottom. Above this the higher ground should disappear. And on top, where the soil was higher in the past, put a new layer of rich soil that you've made of wood.

Before planting the water wells soil. Then as you make places for plants placed in each hole a portion of the soil belonging to the factory which should be put there.

I think that would be a rather nice to have a garden of wild-flower give a succession of first flower spring to fall behind; and let us start with March, the hepatica, the beauty of spring and saxifrage. Just then the rotation in April in her arms colombin the beautiful, tiny bluets and wild geranium. For there can be the violet of dog-tooth and wood anemone, joint false Solomon 's, Jack-in-the-pulpit, wake robin, bloodroot and violets. June will campanule, mullein, bee balm and digitalis. I would choose grass butterfly gay for July. Let's head tortoise, aster, Joe Pye grass, and Queen Anne 's visit yaw of the rest of the season brilliant until frost.

Let us a little about the likes and dislikes of these plants. After you are once you started continue to be added to this list of wild-flower.

There is nobody who doesn 't love of the hepatica. Before the spring has really decided to come, this little flower pushing its head up and is quite different to shame. Remplié under a sheet of dry leaves flowers waiting for a warm sunshine to bring them out. These flowers embryo are still protected by a tarpaulin blurred. This reminds one a protective coating similar that the new fern leaves have. In the spring of a factory hepatica loses no time to get a new costume of leaves. It makes its old form until the flower has had its day. Then the new leaves, set in motion to be safe before this, have a chance. This delayed, are ready to troubleshoot next season. You'll find hepaticas rise in the beams, a sort of family groups. They are likely to be found in places rather open in the woods. The soil is rich and cowardly. So they should go only in partly shady places and in a good soil. If planted with other specimens of wood give them the advantage of a rather exposed position, that they can catch the first sun of spring. I should cover hepaticas over stretcher slight leaves in autumn. During the last days of February, unless the time is extreme remove the tarpaulin sheet. You find flowers of hepatica everything ready to push up their heads.

The beauty of spring allows just hepatica to get ahead of it. With a white flower which tracks tasty pink, a thin stem and steep and narrow, grass-like leaves, the flower of spring can not be confused. You'll find beauty of spring rise in major corrections in places rather open. Plant a number of roots and let the sun good opportunity to reach them. For this plant likes sun.

The other flower in March mentioned is the saxifrage. This is in quite a different sort of environment. It is a plant that grows in dry areas and rocky. Often one found in the crevices of the rock. There is an old story so that the saxifrage roots twine about rocks and working their way into them so that the rock itself splits. Anyway, this is a plant garden rock. I found in dry areas and arénacés just within the borders of a large rock. She stalks hairy white coursons concerned.

The colombin is another plant that is quite to be found in rocky areas. Standing below a ledge and looking, you see here and there nestled in rock crevices a factory or more colombin. The head red head pendillent inclination on the stems stiff and thin. The roots n'heurtent not deep into the soil, in fact, often the soil barely covers. Now, just because the colombin a little ground, it does not mean it is indifferent to soil conditions. He has always lived, and always should live in good conditions drainage. I wonder if you hit, how hygienic factories really am? The abundance of fresh air, adequate drainage, and good food are fundamental principles with plants.

It is clear from the study of these factories as it is easy to find out what plants love. After studying their feelings, so do not make the mistake of they huddle together in conditions of poor drainage.

I always feel a personal affection for bluets. When they come I always feel that now things are starting to cool off. They start with the blue flowers sensitive rich, beautiful, small. While June is becoming hotter and hotter their color fades a little, until they sometimes look quite worn and white. Some call them ladies of Quaker, others innocence. Under any name they are with charm. They grow in colonies, sometimes in sunny, sometimes by the roadside. From this we learn that they are more specific about the sunlight as on open ground.

If you want a flower to select and use for bouquets, then the wild geranium is not your flower. It falls very quickly after picking and almost immediately dropped its petals. But the purple flowers are showy, and leaves, while rather crude, are deeply cut. This latter effect gives a certain boldness to the factory which is quite attractive. The plant is found in parts rather moist and partly shade of the woods. I love this plant in the garden. It adds good color and color permanent as long flowering, since there is no purpose in gathering it.

There are numbers and numbers of wildflowers that I could have proposed. These I have mentioned have not been given a guide to flower, but with just one end in sight of your arrangement of how to study soil conditions for work to start a garden of wild-flower .

If you fear the results, take but one or two flowers, and examine just what you choose. After controlled, or better, become aware of them, plus add another year to your garden. I think you will enjoy your best wild garden of all before you complete it. It is a real study, you see.

Requsites and Need of a HOME VEGETABLE GARDEN

In the decision on the location for your garden at home it is well to have once and for all of the old idea that the garden correction must be an ugly stain in environments at home. If pensivement planned, carefully planted and completely concerned, it can be made a beautiful and harmonious arrangement of the general arrangement, lending a touch of homeliness comfortable that shrub border or bed can never produce.

With this in mind we do not feel restricted to any party places simply because it is out of sight behind the barn or garage. In the place moderate-ranked means there will be little choice in the land. It will be necessary to take what is to be had, and then do the best that can be done with him. But there will probably be a lot of choice in the first exhibition, and secondly, convenience. Other things being equal, choose a spot near present easy access. It may seem that a difference of a few hundred yards only mean nothing, but if we depend largely moments available for work in and to observe the garden and in the breeding of many vegetables the latter is almost as important as the former this matter of convenient access will be much higher as likely to be first recognized. Not until you had to travel a dozen time-wasting for seeds or tools forgotten, or obtained by soaking your feet wet with extinction by the dew-soaked grass, you realize fully what This can mean.


But the thing of prime importance to be considered in selecting the task that is to bring you happiness and delicious vegetables all summer, or even for many years, east exposure. Select early spot you can find an inclination of parcel of land to the south or east, it seems to catch the early sun and the judge late, and this seems to be outside the direct path of cooling north winds and North-east. If a building, or even an old fence, protects against this direction, your garden will be helped along wonderfully, because an early start is a great big factor to success. If not already protected, a barrier board, or a hedge of a few low-growing shrubs or young green plants, add very significantly to its usefulness. The importance of having such protection or shelter is quite underestimated by the amateur.

The soil.

It is likely that you do not find a patch of garden soil ideal operational anywhere in your place. But unless all the worst soil can be made jusqu'très to a significant level of productiveness particularly sectors such as small gardens at home require. Large areas of land which are almost pure sand, and other so heavy and dirty that for centuries they extend uncultivated, were frequently made during only a few years, where they report annually on a huge harvests commercial basis. So do not be discouraged about your soil. The appropriate treatment of him is much more important, and a correction of low medium garden, or never-made-up soil will produce much for the gardener energetic and careful that the richest spot will develop under the methods Mean culture.

The ideal garden soil is a land rich and oily arénacée. And the fact can not be suraccentué that such soils are usually made, not found. Analyzing this description a little, because although we have here in the first four factors of the utmost importance of food gardening. The others are culture, humidity and temperature. Riches in the gardener 's vocabulary mean completely from the food plant; more than that and this is a point of fundamental importance that means completely from the food plant ready to be used immediately, prepared and lying on the garden table, or rather in it, where growing things can immediately use him, or what we call, in a word, plant food available . Virtually no ground in communities inhabited long-remains naturally rich enough to produce large crops. It is a rich, rich or kept in two ways, first of all, a culture, which helps change the raw plant food stored in the soil in the forms available, and secondly, by manuring or add the food plant ground external sources.

Sandy in the sense used here, means a soil containing enough particles of sand so that the water passes through it without leaving sticky paste and a few days after a rain turn enough, as it is called, so that a handful, under ordinary conditions, crumbles and falls apart easily after being pushed by hand. It is not necessary that the soil is sandy in appearance, but it should be crumbly.

Earth fat: rich and friable soil Webster said. This covers the penalty, but he described. It is a ground where sand and clay are in appropriate proportions, so that neither one nor the other would predominate considerably, and usually dark in color, culture and enrichment. Such a soil, even to the untrained eye, just naturally looks as if it would raise things. It is remarkable how quickly the physical aspect of all of a piece of land cultivated good change. One example noted by my notification last fall in one of my fields, where a band containing an acre had been two years in onions, and a small piece of jutting off the middle of this had been prepared for them just during a season. The rest had not received any additional manuring or culture. When the field has been plowed up to autumn, all three sections was apparent as distinctly as if separated by a barrier. And I know that next spring 's crop of rye, before it is ploughed below show the lines of demarcation just as easily.

Vegetable Cultivation in Your Gardens

Before taking the vegetable garden individually, I will describe the general practice of culture, which applies to everyone.

The goals of the culture are three to get rid of weeds, and to stimulate growth (1) leaving the air in the soil and releasing the food plant unavailable, and (2) retaining moisture.

As for herbs, the gardener of any experience need not be told the importance of maintaining its own harvests. He learned from bitter and costly experience the price of letting them get anything resembling a start. He knows that for one or two days 'growth, after they were good high, followed perhaps a day or so of rain, could easily double or triple the work to clean up a correction or onions carrots, and where herbs have reached any size they can not be taken out of crops planted without much damage. It is also, or should, that growth Daily 's just means so much food available plant stolen from under the very roots of its legitimate crops.

Instead of letting the grass go with any food plant, it should provide more, because the culture and frequent not only break the ground up mechanically, but left in the air, moisture and heat while carrying out these essential chemical changes necessary to convert not available to plant food available. Long before science in the case has been discovered, farmers soil had learned through observation that the need to keep the soil well separated on their crops growing. The aboriginal same dégingandé and uneducated ay ensured that his squaw has not only set a bad fish under the hill of maize handled hoe its shell over it. The plants must breathe. Their roots need air. You might as well expect to find attractive glimmer of happiness on the cheeks blêmes of a slave's child cotton mill as to the count to see the dark-green lush flora in a healthy garden suffocated.

While important than the question of air is that the water falls around him. You can not see first what the substance of culture often has to do with the water. But pause a moment and look into it. Take a strip of blotting, plunge one end into the water, and watch the moisture run up the hill, soak in the blotter. Scientists have marked that capillary attraction water ramp up small tubes invisible formed by the texture of the blotter. Now take a similar piece, cut it through, hold the two cut edges firmly together, and try them again. The moisture refuses to cross the line connection has been divided.

In the same way water stored in the soil after a rain starts again immediately to escape into the atmosphere. This on the surface evaporates first, and it has soaked in it begins to soak in through the soil on the surface. It leaves your garden, by the millions of tubes of ground, just as surely as if you had a two-inch pipe and a gasoline engine, pumping in the night and day gutter! Unless your garden by stopping the loss. That's the easiest thing in the world to cut the pipe in two. At the culture common ground outside of not more than one or two inches deep for most small vegetables tubes are kept ground broken, and a mulch of dust is maintained. Try to get over every part of your garden, particularly where it is not shaded, once every ten days or two weeks. Does this seems like too much work? You can push your hoe wheel through, and keep the mulch and dust as protection, as quickly as you can walk. If you wait herbs, you almost have to crawl through, doing more or less difficult by touching your plants growing, losing all the food plant (and they take the cream) that they have consumed, and putting really more hours of work infinitely more unpleasant. If the beginner gardening was not convinced by the facts, there is only one thing left to convince him to experience.

After giving so much space because of the constant care in this matter, the question of methods follows naturally. Get a hoe wheel. The kinds easiest you will save not only a number of work hours and endless, but do the work better, much better it can be done manually. You can grow good vegetables, especially if your garden is very small, without any of these work-savers, but I can assure you that you do not regret the small investment needed to get it.

With a hoe wheel, work the mulch to preserve soil becomes very simple. If you do not have a hoe wheel, because small areas very fast work can be done with the scuffle hoe.

The material to keep herbs cleaned out rows and between plants in rows is not so quickly accomplished. Where manual work is necessary, the leaves to be done immediately. Here are some practical suggestions to bring this work to a minimum, (1) to make this work while the ground is soft, as soon as the soil begins to dry out after rain is the best time. Under such conditions herbs withdraw by the roots, without interruption. (2) just before weeding, are above rows with a hoe wheel, cutting just deep, but just as closely as possible, leaving a narrow band just obvious that must be hand-crop. The best tool is to this end the double wheel with hoe attachment disk, or hoes for large factories. (3) ensure that not only herbs are from but that every inch of soil surface is broken up. It is fully as important as the herbs are pushing just destroyed, as the largest be fired up. A race of sarcloir or fingers to destroy plants hundred herbs in less time than grass may be withdrawn after it gets a good start. (4) use a small hand-sarcloirs until you become skilled with him. Not only can more work be done but the fingers will be saved unnecessary use.

The skillful use of the hoe wheel can be acquired only by practice. The first thing to learn is that it is necessary to observe the wheels only: blades, the disc or rakes will take care of themselves.

From Operation hilling consists of preparing the ground about the plants growing stems, usually at the second or third houement. He used to be a practice hill everything that could hilled up, eyebrows but was gradually laid for what is called culture level , and you'll easily the reason, what has been said about the escape of moisture from the soil surface; naturally for the two sides of the hill above, which can be represented by a triangle with a horizontal équilaterale side, give the surface more exposed than the surface level represented by the base. In moist soil or seasons hilling may be recommended, but very rarely otherwise. It has the additional disadvantage of making it difficult to maintain the mulch soil that is so desirable.

Rotation of crops.

There is another thing to consider making each vegetable do its best, and this rotation crop, or the following of any vegetable with a different way the next planting.

With some vegetables such as cabbage, it is almost imperative, and practically all are helped by them. Even onions, which are popularly supposed to be the exception to the rule s'avérante, are more healthy, and are also good harvest after another, if the soil is too finely pulverized and a rich harvest onions previous start him.

Here are the basic rules of crop rotation:

(1) the same vegetable crops or vegetables from the same family (such as turnips and cabbage) should not be followed.

(2) vegetables that feed near the surface, like corn, should follow the harvest of deep-rooted.

(3) vines or leaf crops should follow crop roots.

(4) the Fast-growing crops should follow those who occupy land throughout the season.

These are the principles that should determine the rotation to be followed in different cases. The appropriate way to deal with this matter is through the planting plan. You will then have time to do it properly, and will not give any thought for a year.

With the above suggestions in mind, and made use, it will not be difficult to give special attention these crops which are necessary for them to do their best.

Vegetable Garden and Vegetable Culture

Typically, we choose to grow bush beans rather than pole beans. I can not compose my mind if it's laziness fine. In a backyard of varieties large city might be a problem since it would be difficult to obtain posts. But these beans can be high currents along old barriers and operate with little to recommend up stalks of sunflowers greatest. So benches with backs the question of post. There is a side issue to the ornamental bean. Suppose you plant these beans to the large rear end of each row crop. Make the vaults with members of tree flexible, linking them over to form the train Arch. beans above them. When one stands facing the garden, what a lovely terminus these vaults are beans.

Beans like rich soil, hot, sandy. To help the soil be sure to dig deeply, and work it over completely to the culture of beans. It is never to plant beans before the world has warmed its cold spring. There is another advantage early in digging the ground. He brings the eggs and larvae away insects. The birds eager for food will follow the same cart to the selection of ground these pieces well chosen. A little lime worked in with the ground is useful in the cultivation of beans.

Bush beans are planted in about ten years-eight inches apart, while rows of pole-bean should be separated by three feet. The exercises for the bush limas should be more remote than those for other beans dwarf indicate three feet. This place gives an opportunity for the culture with the hoe. If beans current rise too high just pinch off the growing tip, and this obstacle growth upward.

Among bush beans are the dwarf, breakage or green beans, wax beans, limas bush, a variety which is known as qu'haricots fragile. Among the pole beans are the pole limas, wax and scarlet runner. The scarlet runner is a beauty for decorative effects. The flowers are scarlet and are very well against an old barrier. These are quite beautiful in the flower garden. Wherever you want a vine, it is good for a plant gets a vegetable, flowers and a bright screen of a factory. When planting beans put the beans in the ground later with the eye down.

Beets like land rich and oily arénacée, too. The fresh manure worked into the soil is fatal for beet, as it is for many another harvest. But we assume that nothing is available, but fertilizer costs. Some gardeners say about this work in the ground with great care and perfection. But nevertheless, there is danger of a particle of obtaining it beside a tender beet root. What follows can be done; Dig a ditch about one foot deep, spread a thin layer of fertilizer in it, cover it soil, and plant above this. Before the main root struck down a layer of fertilizer, there will be little harm done. The beet should not be transplanted. If the rows are a foot apart there is sufficient space for cultivation. Every time the weather is really arranged, then these seeds can be planted. Young collars are beet greens purposes. Greater care should be returned handling beet is usually shown. When beets must be boiled, if the tip of the root and tops are cut, beet bleeds. This means a loss of proper equipment. The pinch addition of such parties with your fingers and do this not too closely to the beet itself is the appropriate method of manipulation.

There are major members of families of raw beet and cabbage called the baga of wurzel and ruta de mangel. About here they are increased to food to livestock. They are a great addition to a cow au 'dinner s.

The cabbage family is big. There is the cabbage itself, then cauliflower, broccoli or cauliflower, kale, brussels sprouts and kohlrabi more robust, a mixture of cabbage-turnip.

The cauliflower is a kind of parent refining and high-toned cabbage. It needs a little soil richer than cabbage and can not keep the freeze. A frequent watering with water fertilizers give him the extra wealth and water really needs. The outer leaves should be bent over, as in the case of young cabbage, in order to get the white head. The dwarf varieties are rather the best planting.

Kale is not quite so particular a cousin. It can keep the freeze. The soil is rich and appears necessary and the first planting, due to the slow maturation. It can be planted in September to work early spring.

The brussels sprouts are a very popular member of this family. Because of their size, many people who do not serve the poor, old cabbage common serve them. The brussels sprouts are interesting in their growth. The rod factory operates skyward. Above, the umbrella like, are a close head of leaves, but this is not what we eat. Ombragés by the umbrella and emballents all along the stem are small shoots or sprouts delicious. Like the rest of the family rich soil is necessary and abundance of water during the breeding period. The seed should be planted in May, and small factories transplanted into the rich soil in July. The rows should be eighteen inches apart, and plants a foot apart in rows.

The kohlrabi is an intermediary in families cabbage and turnips. This is sometimes called cabbage turnip root. Just above the earth rod plant inflates in a vegetable as a turnip. In turnip true swelling is underground, but as cabbage, forms of kohlrabi its edible part above the earth. It is easy to grow. Only it should grow quickly, otherwise the swelling becomes wooded, and thus loses its good quality. Sow outside as soon as possible, or sow inside in March and transplant to the open. Plant in drills about two feet apart. Place the plants about a foot apart, or dilute at this distance. To plant one hundred feet of drill buy a half ounce of seed. The seed goes a long way, you see. The kohlrabi is prepared and served as a turnip. It is a very satisfactory harvest early.

Before leaving the cabbage family let me say that the cabbage called Savoy is a great variety to try. It should always have a plantation early in the coverage, said in February, and then be transplanted into the beds open in March or April. If the soil is poor where you have to grow cabbage, then certainly choose the Savoie.

Carrots are two general types: those with long roots, and those with short roots. If long-rooted varieties are selected, then the soil must be worked down to a depth of eighteen inches, surely. Most courts will be well into eight inches of sandy soil well-worked. Do not carrot seed in the earth freshly manured. Another point in the culture of a carrot is about the process of clarification. For small plants amount you undoubtedly will find they are much, much too closely together. Wait a little bit thin at a time, so that young, tiny carrots can be used on the table at home. These are the points to take notes about the culture of carrots.

The cucumber is the next vegetable in the line. It is a factory foreign lands. Some believe that the cucumber is really a native of India. A ground light, sandy and rich is necessary I mean rich in the sense of wealth in organic matter. When cucumbers are grown outside, because we may raise them, they are planted in hills. Nowadays, they are developed in greenhouses, they hang from the roof, and are a wonderful view. In the hothouse a hive of bees is kept so that cross-fertilisation can continue.

But if you intend to grow cucumbers follow these directions: Sow the seed inside, cover with one inch of soil rich. In a little space of six inches. diameter, plant six seeds. Set as a bean seed with the end of germination in the soil. When all danger of frost is over, each set of six small plants, soil and all, should be planted in the open. Later, when the danger of insect pests is over, dilute three plants in a hill. The hills should be about four feet from all sides.

Before the period of Christ, lettuce was grown and served. There is a wild lettuce grown which is probably ripe. There are a number of vegetables that have grown ancestors, carrots, turnips and wild lettuce is the most common among them. The lettuce can be rempliée in the garden almost anywhere. It is surely one of the most decorative vegetables. The compact head, green leaves, the beauty of symmetry all these are characteristics with the charm of lettuce.

While advances summer and while encemencements lettuce early age they tend to go sow. Don 't had left. Lift them. None of us is likely to come in later seed producer lettuce. What we are interested in is increasing the tender lettuce whole season. It is possible to have such lettuce in mid and late summer only by frequent planting of the seed. If the seed is planted every ten days or two weeks throughout the summer, you can take the tender lettuce whole season. When lettuce gets older it becomes bitter and hard.

It is the most interesting experiment with melons. We assume that melons are the source from Asia, and parts of Africa. The melons are a summer fruit. Over in England we find the cantaloupes often grown under glass in greenhouses warm. The vines are high up rather than be left inclined. While melons grow great in hot and dry atmosphere, just the kind which is correct for their growth, they become too heavy for the vine supports. Thus they are held by small bags of manufacture, just like a tennis net in the size of the mesh. The bags are supported on nails or pegs. It is a very nice that I can assure you. Here we usually raise our melons outside. They are planted in hills. Eight seeds are placed two inches apart and an inch deep. The hills should have a field of four feet on all sides; hills of watermelon must have an allowance of eight to ten feet. Make the ground for these hills very rich. As small plants become important say that about four inches in height reduce the number of plants at two in a hill. Also in such work choose the most vigorous plants to keep. Cut the other down near or below the earth's surface. The shooting up factories is a shocking way to get rid of them. I say shocking because traction is likely to reach the roots of the two remaining factories. When the melon plant has reached a length of a foot, pinch off the end of it. This means that pinch at the factory: stop just rise for a long time, take time now to raise branches. The sand or lime was sprayed on hills tends to keep bugs parties.

The word pumpkin stands for good, fashioned pies for Thanksgiving, for the grandmother 's house It really brings more care than the word squash. I guess that squash is a little more useful, when we think of the Hubbard end, and nice small syrups summer twisted-strangled, but after all, I like to take more pumpkins. And as for Jack-o "- lanterns why they require frankly pumpkins. By planting them, the same branches fit that were given for melons. And use these same for squash-planting, too. But do not plant the two cousins together, because they have a tendency to run together. Plant pumpkins between the hills and let corn syrups come in another part of the garden.

Secure You Plant from Natural Enemies

The devices and instruments used in the fight against the enemies of plants are of two kinds:

(1) those who are used to provide mechanical protection for plants;

(2) those who are used to apply insecticides and fungicides.

On the first, the most useful part is covered. It usually consists of a wooden box, some eighteen inches to two feet square and about eight high, covered with glass, fabric protection, mosquito nets, son or mosquitoes. The first two blankets have, of course, the added advantage of keeping the heat and protection against the cold, thus allowing their use by planting earlier than is otherwise safe. They are widely used to obtain an additional safe and prompt start with cucumbers, melons and other vegetables vine.

Simplifying the protective devices placed in newly plants, like tomatoes or cabbage, reducing the worm, are severe, tin, cardboard or tar paper collars, which are made several inches tall and a size sufficient to be placed around the stem and penetrate an inch or so into the soil.

For the purposes of powders poison, the amateur gardener must provide itself with a powder gun. If one must be confined to a single implement, however, it will be possible to recover any of the workforce, compressed air sprayers. These are used for the purposes of spraying wet, and should be provided with one of many forms of fog nozzles, non-cloggable automatic type being the best. For more work pump a barrel, mounted on wheels, will be desirable, but one of the above will do much work in a short time. Extension rods for use in spraying trees and vines May to be obtained. For operations on a very small scale a good hand-May be used syringe, but as a general thing it will be better to invest a few dollars more and get a small reservoir sprayer, because it takes a continuous stream or spray or holds a far greater amount of the spray. Whatever type is required, to obtain a machine-brass it to three or four of those made of metal less expensive, very quickly succumbs to the, corrosion action of the strong poisons and chemicals that they are using.

Instruments for harvest, beside the spade, hoe pin-and-spading fork, very few are used in the small garden, as most of them need not only long rows to be economically used, but the horsepower too. The onion harvester attachment for the double wheel hoe, May be used with advantage in the easing of onions, beets, turnips, etc., soil or cut spinach. Running hand-plow close to each side of carrots, parsnips and other increasingly deep vegetables helps them physically. For fruit picking, with tall trees, the wire fingers to reap the benefits attached to the end of a long handle, will be a great help, but with the modern method of using low-headed tree, will not be necessary.

Another class of garden implements are those used in size but if it is assisted by well from the start, a good catch high-knife and a pair of secateurs easily manage all the work of nature.

Another kind of garden is the one device that is used to support plants, as the stakes, fencing, son, etc. In total, too little attention is usually given to those, such as care store during the winter, they do not last for years, but add greatly to the convenience of culture and the appearance of the garden.

As a last word to the buyer of garden tools, I would say: firstly thoroughly investigate the different kinds available, and when you buy, remember that a good tool or a good machine will give you satisfactory use long, long after price is forgotten, while a poor person is a constant source of discomfort. Get good tools, and take care of them. And let me repeat that a few dollars a year, judiciously spent, for tools and subsequently supported, will soon give you a very comprehensive, and add to your garden profit and pleasure.

Monsoon Failure in Kerala

With the prediction of average rainfall in the state during this monsoon got wrong, the difficult time has started for keralites. As per the current scenarion difficult times are yet to come for Kerala as monsoon South-West continues to elude the state. As per the numbers the state is experiencing a rainfall of more than 60 percentage. Scarce rains already pushed the state into a dark electricity crisis with the storage level in reservoirs in hydropower. The elusive monsoon would also have negative effects on agricultural production that heavy rains in June-July period is the most important factor to retain moisture content in soil for the rest of the year. In addition to the 30 minutes peaktime loadshedding applied there is a fortnight, Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) last week proposed stricter measures to manage the crisis. The measures included a temporary surcharge on all categories of consumers to compensate in part the enormous cost to purchase entailed for expensive power from outside sources to meet domestic demand and regulations of high voltage and ultra-high voltage users. The Government and Regulation Commission l electricity (SERC) should consider the recommendations that the chances of handling the situation with the available resources are quite bleak. According to Indian Meteorological Department sources, until mid-last week, the state has received 52.2 cm against the normal seasonal average rainfall of 93.4 cm. The situation is especially grim in Idukki district where the major hydroelectric reservoirs are located and Wayanad which is the remains of cash crops, official sources said.

Award for Adoor Bhavani and Adoor Pankajam

The Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi has decided to reward the veteran actors Adoor Bhavani and Adoor Pankajam for all their contributions to the field of theatre and drama in the state. Accroding to the Culture Minister of kerala MA Baby the award carries a citation, plaque and a cash prize of Rs 30000.

Here is a list of some of the recent malaylam movies on which adoor bhavani has performed a character

Sethurama Iyer CBI (2004), Oro Viliyum Kathorthu, Gajaraja Manthram, Kathapurushan
Oru Abihibhashakante Case Diary, Aniyan Bava Chetan Bava, Kaatttile Thadi Thevarude Aana, Thirumanassu, Vrudhanmare Sookshikkuka etc.

Here is a list of some of the recent malaylam movies on which adoor pankajam has performed a character

Kathapurushan, Anantaram, Acharam Ammini Osaram Omana, Chemmeen etc.

The recent honour is being awarded based on their performances in the field of acting in drama and theatre and not based on the acting in movies. But think that these veteran actors should also be awarded for their performances and contributions to kerala movie industry.

Pests in Gardens

If we could do gardening without any interference from parasites that attack plants, then indeed gardening would be easy. But any time we need to look out for these small enemies little in size but huge in the ravage they are doing.

While the human disease can often be prevented by safe conditions, and parasites can be maintained by the party strict cleanliness garden. Piles of loss are places of accommodation for breeding insects. I do not think a compost pile will evil, but stains unkempt and uncared-for seem to invite trouble.

There are some aid to reduce parasites. The constant stirring of the soil by earthworms is an aid to now open the floor to aerate and water. Several of our common birds feed on insects. The sparrows, robins, chickadees, Larks pre and orioles are all examples of birds who help in this way. Some insects feed on other insects and harmful. Some types of beetles are doing what good contract. Ichneumon-fly aid as well. And toads are wonders in the number of insects they can consume at a meal. The toad deserves the very kind treatment of all of us.

Every gardener should try to transform it or his garden attractive place for birds and toads. A good birdhouse, grain sprinkled about in the first instance, a water-place, are invitations for the birds remain a point in your garden. If you would like toads, set things up for them too. During a hot summer day a toad likes to rest in the shade. By night he is ready to go ahead eat but not to kill, since toads prefer food phase. How on can be set up for toads? Well, one thing to do is prepare a retreat, a quiet, dark and damp. Some stones of a certain size under the shade of a bush with perhaps a carpeting moisture, seems fine to a toad.

There are two general classes of insects known that they carry out their work. A kind gnaws at the plant really taking pieces of it in his system. This kind of insect has a mouth adapted for this work. Grasshoppers and crawler tractors are of this kind. The other way suck the juice factory. This, in some ways is the worst kind. The plant lice belong here, as are mosquitoes, which attack on us. All insects balance focus on plants and suck out the life of plants.

Now can we fight these cracks? The fellow rongement can be caught with poison sprayed on the plants, they take in their bodies with the plant. The mixture of Bordeaux which is a poison sprayed on plants for this purpose.

In either case the only thing is to attack the insect direct. Insecticides so certain, as they are called, are sprayed on the plant to fall on the insect. They perform a job deadly attack, one way or another, the body of an insect.

Sometimes we are much concerned with underground insects at work. You've seen a garden covered with ant hills. Here is a cure, but you have to be careful.

Does this question constantly, "how you ask me what I can say insect carries the destructive work? "Well, you can say in part by the work done, and partly by seeing the insect itself. It is not always so easy accomplish this last thing. I had cutworms during the season and have never seen one. I saw only the work done. If stems are tender plants clean cut is fairly sure the cutworm is abroad. What is it like? Well, this is a difficult issue because his family is great. If you see once a tractor grayish striped caterpillars, you can know that this is a cutworm. But because of its habit of resting in the ground during the day and work later at night, it is difficult to catch sight of one. The cutworm is around early in the season ready to cut the flower stalks of hyacinths. When the peas come on a little later, he is ready for them. A very good way to block the far east to make necklaces of paper or tin those, about factories. These collars should be about an inch from the factory.

Naturally, the plant lice are more common. Those whom we see are often green in colour. But they may be red, yellow or brown. It is quite easy to find lice as they still cling to their host. Car sucking insects they must hang near a factory for food, and it is quite safe to find them. But insects sharp performing their job, and then go skin. This makes them much more difficult to treat.

The ingots Rose are making great damage to roses. They eat outside the body leaves, so that just the veining is left. They are above and soft-bodied yellow and green below.

A beetle, striped beetle, melons attacks young leaves and squash. It eats the leaf in solving outside holes in it. The beetle, as its name implies, is removed. The back is black with yellow stripes running long.

Then there are the ingots, which are parasites garden. The ingot eat almost any plant garden, whether it be a flower or a vegetable. They lay many eggs in old pile of waste. Do you see the proper cleaning of waste? The ingots are more difficult in the garden than almost any other insect pest simple. You can discover in the following way. There is a tour to bring them to the earth's surface in time of day. You see they are resting during the day below the earth. Water just so the soil in which the ingots are supposed to be. How are you to know where they are? They are quite to hide near the plants they feed on it. Water and soil with some lime water own kind. This will affect them, and lift push to see what the subject.

Near the latter the most common parasites, parasites that attack many kinds of plants, there are parasites special for special plants. Décourageant, is not it? The beans have their own parasites; have and potatoes and cabbage. In fact, the garden has many inhabitants. In the flower garden lice are very troublesome, cutworm and ingot enjoy a pleasant time, too, and ants often become very numerous during the season progresses. But the real concern insect discouraging the garden takes the prize. If we entered the fruit so slightly, perhaps your garden should resign in favour of fruit garden.

A common parasite in the garden is the tomato worm. It is a great worm struck yellowish or greenish. His job is to eat in the young fruit.

A large, bright green tractor crawler is found on celery. The tractor crawler may be indicated by the black bands, one on each ring or segment of his body.

The squash bug may be indicated by its brown body, which is long and thin, and the unpleasant smell of it once killed. The bug potato is another comrade to look out for. It is a beetle with yellow and black stripes down its back crispy. The small cabbage worm is a common annoyance perfect. It is a small tractor tracks and smaller than the tomato worm. These are perhaps the most common garden pests name.

Seed Planting - Gardening

Any house reliable seed can be depended upon for good seeds, but nevertheless, there is a high risk to seed. A seed can all aspects be accurate but not in it enough vitality, or power, to produce a robust plant.

If you save seeds from your own plants you can choose carefully. Suppose that you are saving seed plants aster. What flowers do you decide when? Now this is not the only flower that you should consider, but the entire plant. Why? Since a weak and dispersed plant can produce a flower fine. Looking at this flower so beautiful you really think the factories also countless beautiful that you are going to have seeds. But just as likely as not the seeds will produce plants as the parent plant.

Thus, in the choice of the entire plant seed must be considered. East training strong, strong, good and it symmetrical; have a considerable number of fine flowers? These are questions to ask when selecting seed.

If you just avérez have the opportunity to visit the garden seedsman 's, you will see here and there a flower with the rope tied around it. The flowers are selected for the seed. If you look at the whole plant carefully you can see the points that the gardener kept in mind when he made his choice.

In selecting grain size is another point to keep in mind. Now we do not know how to say anything about factories which this special collection of seeds has come. Thus we must take into account our whole seeds themselves. It is quite obvious that there is a certain choice, some are much larger than others, some much more dodu, too. Choose certainly the largest and most full seed. The reason is this: When you break open a bean and it is very obvious, too, a peanut you see what appears to be a small factory. Thus it is. In just the right conditions for development this "cracking little " develops in the bean plant that you know so well.

This small plant must depend for its early growth of food stored up in both halves of the bean seed. To this end, the food is stored. The beans are not full of food and quality so that you and I eat, but for the small plant bean baby supplies at the time. And so if we choose a large seed, we chose a greater quantity of food for the plantlet. This little plantlet feeds on the food stored until its roots are prepared to do their work. So if the seed is small and thin, the first food supply inadequate, there is a possibility of losing the small factory.

You can worry about the name of the office of food. This is called a cotyledon but if there is a party, if two cotyledons. Thus we have facilitated the classification of plants. Some plants that support such as pine cones have several cotyledons. But most plants have either one or two cotyledons.

Large seeds come plantlets strongest. That is why it is better and safer to choose the large seed. This is exactly the same case as that of small children.

There is often another trouble seeds that we buy. The difficulty is impurity. Seeds are sometimes mixed with other seeds as well as them in the aspect that is impossible to detect fraud. Cases fairly poor, is not it? The seeds may be unclean. It is very easy to discover little foreign bodies inside with the big seed. We can simply select seed more and make it clean. For own is the lack served foreign bodies. But if the small seeds are dirty, it is impossible very difficult and close, make them clean.

The third thing to look out for the seed is viable. We know from our test that the seeds which see eye to be accurate may not grow at all. There are reasons. Seeds may have been selected before they were ripe blackberries or they may have been frozen, and they may be too old. The seeds retain their viability or power is développante germ, a given number of years and are unnecessary. There is a limit of viability in years which is different for different seeds.

The test seeds we discover the percentage of germination of seeds. Now if this percentage is low, put 'time to discard t planting a seed so unless this is small seed. Immediately you put into question this report. Why is the size of the seed make a difference? This is the reason. When the small seed is planted it is usually planted in exercises. Most amateurs seed in water very thoroughly. Thus, a large quantity of seed is planted. And enough seed germ and climbs such plantation. Thus the amount compensates quality.

But take the case of large seed, like corn for example. Maize is planted just so far apart and a few seeds in one place. With such a method of planting material per cent germination is most important indeed.

The small seeds that germinate to fifty percent can be used but is so low one percent for high seed. Suppose we look beans. The percentage is seventy. If low-seeds were planted vitality, we could not be absolutely certain of the seventy percent rise. But if the seeds are lettuce go forward hand in hand with the planting.

Soil Types and Varieties, Genesis of Soil

The soil has mainly been the beginning of rock and falling animal and plant, if you can imagine long bouts rights or periods where large masses of rock were s'émiettantes and breaking up. The heat, the action of water, and friction were largely responsible for this. By friction here is meant that the rubbing and grinding of the mass of rock against rock Massachusetts believe the huge rocks, a perfect chaos of them, bumping, scratch, arranging against one another. What would be the result? Well, I'm sure you all can work it out. That is what happened: the little rock was carried away, much heat was produced, pieces of rock has been pressed together to form the new masses of rock, some parts become dissolved in water. Why, I, meaning myself almost all the effort and the constraint of it. Can you?

So, too, there were major changes in temperature. First everything has been heated to a high temperature and then gradually became costs. Just remember to cracking, crumbing, the upheavals that such changes must have caused! You know some of the effects winter freezing and sudden thaw. But the small examples of burst water pipes and broken pitchers are as nothing to what was happening in the world during those days. The water and gases in the atmosphere helped along this work crumbing.

From all this action of rubbing, that the action that we call mechanical, it is quite easy to understand how the sand was formed. This represents a major divisions of the sandy soil of soil. The sea shores are large masses of pure sand. If the soil were nothing but broken rock masses then indeed it would be very poor and unproductive. But the earliest forms of decomposition of animal and plant life have become a part of the mass of rock and soil had a better result. Thus soils that we are talking about because arénacés soil mixed with sand another subject, sometimes clay, material or humus some plant and animal waste often.

Clay brings us rights to another class of clay soil. It happens that some parts of the masses of rock have become dissolved when the water has passed drip over them and the heat was plentiful and abundant. This dissolution has occurred largely because there are in heaven some gas called gas carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide. Substances of attacks and changes of this gas in some rocks. Sometimes you see large rocks with parts sticking up look as if they had been eroded. The carbonic acid did this. He changed this part eaten into something else that we call clay. A change like this is not mechanical but chemical. The difference in the two types of change is just this: in one case of sand, where a mechanical change has continued, you always just by what you started, except that the size of the mass is smaller. You started by a large rock, and finished with small particles of sand. But you have been no different kind of rock at the end. The mechanical action could be illustrated with a piece of sugar piece. Let sugar represent a large mass of rock. Break up the sugar, and even the smallest little is sugar. It is just as well with the mass of rock, but in the case of a chemical change you start with one thing and finish with another. You started by a large mass of rock that took part in it which has become changed by acid acting on it. She finished being an entirely different thing that we call clay. Thus in the case of a certain chemical change something is started and the end we have something entirely different. The soil clay soils often called mud because of the quantity of water used in their training.

The third kind of ground that we cultivate people must deal with is soil with lime. Remember that we believe the soil from a farm. This soil naturally habit was formed by the limestone. Rather while mentions something which we know nothing, another rises which we are just as ignorant. And so an entire chain of questions follows. Now you among yourselves, how limestone first show they probably been formed?

At the same time there are forms below age animal and plant selected particles of water from the lime. With lime they formed skeletons or houses about themselves as protection against larger animals. The coral is representative of this class of animal skeleton-training.

While the animal died the skeleton remained. The broad masses of this living matter have pressed together after ages, limestone formed. Some limestone are always in such a form that training shellfish is still evident. Marbrez, another limestone, are somewhat the crystalline character. Another limestone chalk is well known. Maybe you 'd like to know a way always been able to tell the limestone. Drop by this acid on some lime. See how it bubbles and sparkles. By then drop on the chalk and marble, too. The same bubbles that takes place. Thus, the lime must be in these three structures. It should not buy a special acid for this work, because even the household acids like vinegar cause the same result.

So what are the three types of soil where the farmer must be addressed and which we want to understand. For one can learn about its soil in the garden student, just as we learn a lesson by study.

Landscaping and Gardening

The landscape architecture was often compared to painting a picture. Your professor of artwork you undoubtedly said that a good image should have a point of interest-in-chief, and the rest of the points just going to do the best idea, or form an arrangement end for him . As a landscape architecture there must be a gardener 's spirit of an image of what he wants everything to be when it completes its work.

In this study we can establish a small theory of landscape architecture.

Let the lawn. A good amount of open space of grass is always beautiful. It is relaxing. It adds a sense of space even for small reasons. Thus we could generalize and say that it is well to keep open areas of lawn. If one covers his lawn space of many trees, with little flower beds here and there, the overall effect is variable and nit-picking. It is like a person dressed ostentatiously. It 's ground lost any individuality and treated. A single tree or a small group is not a bad arrangement on the lawn. Do not center the tree or trees. Let them drop a bit in the background. Make a pleasant side of them. In choosing trees one must keep in mind a number of things. You should not choose a tree control, the tree should be a good shape, with something interesting about its bark, leaves, flowers or fruit. While the poplar is a fast grower, it sheds its leaves early and thus is left to rest, and laid bare before the fall is old. Take care of you, there are places where a row or double row of Lombardy poplars is very effective. But I think you will agree with me that a single poplar is not. The catalpa is quite beautiful in itself. Its leaves are large, attractive flowers, seed pods which to hang yourself to the tree away in the winter, add a little squeness image. Berries light ash, the brilliant foliage of maple sugar, flowers of the tulip tree, the bark of white birch and beech leaves copper all these are points of beauty consider.

The place makes a difference in choosing a tree. Suppose that the lower part of the reason is a little low and moist, then stain is ideal for a willow. Don 'trees by t seem all that clumsy. A poplar long-regard is not with a small tree rather rounded tulip nice. A juniper, if an orderly and prim, seems almost an idiot chestnut spread. We must maintain the proportion and convenience in mind.

I 'd never advise not planting a group of green plants near a house, and in court. The effect is very bleak indeed. Room and overcapped surrounded by trees and such are not only to live in dark, but really unhealthful. The requirement to head inside a house is sunlight and plenty of it.

While trees are chosen because of some positive points and shrubs should be. In a block I should like to extend a party that bloomed early, some that bloomed late, some for the beauty of their fall foliage, some for the color of their bark and others for the fruit. Some spireas and the forsythia bloom early. The red bark of the dogwood makes a little color all winter, and red berries of berbéris cling to the shrub well in winter.

It is good to use some shrubs for hedges. A fence is a little nicer usually a barrier. The Californian privet is excellent for this purpose. The Osage orange, berbéris Japan, buckthorn, quince Japan, and Van Houtte 's spirea are other shrubs that make good hedges.

I forgot to say in the choice of tree and shrub it is usually better to choose those of a city living in it. The rare plants and foreign harmonize less well, and often misunderstood but with their new arrangement.

The landscape architecture can follow along the lines very formal or along the lines without ceremony. The first would have the right paths, straight rows in the stiff beds, as the name suggests, quite formal. The other method is, of course, the exact vis-à-vis. There are points in each of danger.

The formal arrangement is likely to look too stiff; without ceremony, too fussy, too wavy. Insofar paths disappear, keep this in mind, a way should always lead somewhere. It is his business to lead one to a place defined. Now, law, even the roads are not unpleasant if the effect is to be a formal garden. The danger in the curved path is a sharp curve, a whirligig effect. It is far better that you colliez the right path unless you can make a really beautiful curve. Nobody can t'indiquer how to do this.

The garden paths can be gravel, dirt or grass. You see grass paths in some very beautiful gardens. I doubt, however, they also serve you well in small gardens. Your garden areas are so limited that they should be re-spaded each season, and the grass paths are a great annoyance in this work. Of course, a gravel road makes a late appearance, but you can not have gravel at your command. It is possible that any of you dig out the path two feet. Then put in six inches of stone or slag. Above this package in the dirt, rounding slightly toward the center of the road. It should never be depressions in the central part of paths, since they are convenient places for the water to be held. The layer below the stone is a pipe normal.

A building needs often using vines or flowers or every two to tie the reasons to form a harmonious whole. The vines are well suited to this work. It is better to plant a perennial vine, and so has left to be part of your permanent arrangement landscape. All the vine of Virginia, the wistaria, honeysuckle, rose s'élevante, clematis and trumpet vine are the most satisfactory.

Close your eyes and describe a house color normal, mature gray shingles superficial by the agents. Now add to this old house a purple wistaria. Can you see the beauty of it? I remember soon rather laid a corner of my childhood home, where the dining room and kitchen met. S'élever just over there, and fall over a trellis was a trumpet vine. She made a beautiful angle clumsy, a bit laid working carpenter.

Naturally, the morning-glory is an annual vine, as the moon-vine and wild cucumber. Now, they have their special function. To often, it is necessary to cover an ugly thing for just a moment, until things better and better times ahead. The directory is "cracking " for the job.

Along an old barrier of hops vine is a thing of beauty. You could try to match the wood 'working landscape. For one often sees festonné a broken tree to another vine of ampelopsis.

The flowers may well go along the side of the building, or frame a walk. Generally, however, hold the front lawn space open and uninterrupted by beds. What more beautiful in the first instance a bed of daffodils around the house? The hyacinths and tulips, too, form a flame of glory. They are little or no annoyance, and start the spring aright. It may be a few bulbs an exception to the rule of uninterrupted front lawn. Snowdrops and crocuses planted on the lawn are beautiful. They do not affect the overall effect, but just mingle with everything. A gardener said bulb expert to take a basketful of light bulbs in the fall, walk about your reasons, and just drop off bulbs here and there. Where drop the bulbs, plant. Small bulbs such as those we plant in lawns should be in groups of four to six. The daffodils can be planted, too. You all remember the grape hyacinths that grow all by Katharine 'court side s.

The place for a flower garden is generally on the side or rear of the house. Est-ce que garden back yard a nice idea, is not it? Who wants to leave a beautiful courtyard semblante turn the corner of a house and find a lot of discharge? Not I. The flower garden may be formally presented in small beds ordained, or it may be more a kind of careless and hit-or-miss. Both have their positive points. The broad masses of the flower are attractive.

You should keep in mind some notion of mixing color. The nature seems not to consider this at all, and always gets wonderful effects. Because of the enormous amount of her perfect background of green, and the limitlessness of its space, while we are best confined to relatively small areas. Thus we should try not blind people 's eyes of disagreements with colors that do not mix well at close range. To break up the ends of colors you can always use the masses of white flowers, or something like mignonette, which is in force green.

In conclusion, let us summarize our lesson landscape. The reasons are an arrangement for the house or buildings. The open spaces and free lawn, a tree or an appropriate group well placed, flowers n'encombrent not up the court, groups grove they are points to remember. The paths should lead somewhere, and are directly or curved. If one starts with a formal garden, one should not mix the ceremony without him before the work is carried out.

How to Make a Garden

The first thing to do in the garden is the choice of a place. Without a choice, it means simply making the best possible depending on conditions. In limited number of spaces, it solves not in itself garden, or a box garden. Probably a box garden is better than nothing at all.

But we now assume that it is possible to really choose the right site for the garden. What should be chosen? The biggest factor is the sun. No one would have a northeast corner, unless it is absolutely forced upon him because, in the far north corner to ferns, wildflowers, and begonias, they are of little use spots for a large garden.

If possible, choose the ideal exposure south. Here the sun is hot all day. When the garden is therefore situated rows of vegetables and flowers should run north and south. Thus positioned, the plants receive the sun 's all rays in the morning on the east side, and all afternoon on the west side. We must not plant asymmetrical with such an arrangement.

Suppose that the garden faces south-east. In this case, west of the sun is out of the problem. To obtain the best distribution of sunlight lines running north-west and south-east.

The idea is to obtain as much sunlight as evenly distributed as possible for the longest period of time. The unbalanced growth of the window plants it is quite easy to see the effect on plants of light poorly distributed. So if you use a little diagram remember that you want the sun to shine part of the day on one side of the plants and part on another, you can juggle at any situation. The southern exposure provides the ideal case because the sun provides nearly half of their time on each side. An exhibition north of May means a set of nearly cut sunlight, while the north and the south-west of places still get an uneven distribution of sun 's rays, whatever it is carefully planned.

The garden, if possible, should be planned on paper. The plan is a great help during the planting real time comes. It saves time and unnecessary purchase of seeds.

New garden spots are likely to be found in two conditions: they are covered with grass or garbage. In large areas of garden soil is plowed and sod turned on, but in small gardens remove the turf. How to remove the turf in the best way is the next question. Last offline and garden spot. The line gives an accurate and straight forward. Cut the edges with a shovel along the line. If the area is a small, say four feet by ten or twenty-eight, it is an easy question. This narrow strip May be defined as a checkerboard, the grass cut through the cat, and easy to remove. This could be done in two long strips to reduce the length of the strip. When the grass is cut through, riding on the right as a roll of carpet.

But suppose that the garden is high ground. Then divide this into strips one foot wide and off the turf as before. What should be done with the lawn? Do not throw it away because it is full of wealth, but not quite available. So pack turf grass down one place to another. Allow to decay and weather. When it is rotten to a fine of fertilizer. Such a pile of rotting vegetable matter is called a compost pile. Throughout the summer add any green vegetable to this question. In the fall put the autumn leaves. A fine lot of goodness is set for another season.

Even when the garden is large enough to plow, I would choose the largest pieces of sod rather than have them turned on. Review the ploughed space, choose the pieces of sod, shake well and pack them in a compost pile.

Mere spading the soil is not sufficient. The soil is still in pieces. Also for a pause should pique the lumps. But even if the ground is not fit for planting. Land must be very fine indeed to plant, because the seeds can be very close to fine particles of soil. But large chunks of leaving large areas that do tiny root hairs can penetrate. A seed is stranded in a perfect waste into pieces planted in soil. A baby surrounded with a lot of pieces of beefsteak of starvation. A seed among large pieces of land is in a similar situation. The cat can never do the job of spraying the ground. But the rake possible. That 's the value of the rake. It is a big cut in pieces, but not for large pieces. If the soil is still largely tracks to take the hoe.

Many people handle the hoe awkwardly. The head of this work is to implement to rid the soil of weeds and stir until the top surface. It is used in summer to form that mulch dust so valuable to retain moisture in the soil. I often see people as if they were going to cut into atoms around. The hoeing should never be such vigorous exercise than that. Spading is vigorous, hard work, but not hoeing and raking.

After pieces are divided use the rake to make the bed fine and smooth. Now, much of the work is done.

Miss Kerala 2008, Cochin, Kochi

The accalaimed grand finale of the miss Kerala 2008 competition held in Kochi where Shree Mohan Thulasi has been crowned as miss kerala 2008. Shree, who is an interior designer by profession, was visibly pleased and happy. The first and second runners up of the event were Rima Kallingal Ann and Joseph. The grand finale of this fantastic beauty contest has about 22 Malayali contestants who came to cochin from in and around the country. This event is focused on finding the best talented kerala girl through different types contests involved in the competition. All competitors are closely monitored by group of experts in juries in various aspects including beauty, talent and, finally, the crown goes to better person. Miss Kerala Foundation established in the year 1999 constantly expanded its services to society, from the beginning itself the foundation has donated a large portion of its funds to the charity work.

Railway Providing Internet Services in Railway Stations

The Indian Railways is placed to join the movement of Internet Providers in Kerala with a special provision for these sites for downloading educational materials. The railways provides internet connection to broadband in the state by Railtel corporation of India Ltd. The greatest incentive for those who take the net service of Indian Railways is that they can download material for the education freely. Internet service would become operational within two to three months as per a railway official. Railtel, which controls the communication sector of Indian Railways, has extended over 38,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable across the country, which is the backbone to provide broadband connectivity in the state. This network is such that each station in the country can be transformed into a source for education centres. But we decided to provide broadband connectivity to the people by cable operators. Towards this, Railtel conducted a connection with the seven Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore where they have more than 6,000 hours of lectures prepared by the faculty which can be download at a great speed when compared to the normal internet connections.

New Schemes for Kerala Fishermen's

Scheme would be introduced from the first of August. Fisheries Minister S Sarma Kerala today declared fishermen debt relief would be introduced from the first of August. Opening the fish Vighnan Kendra here, "he says standards in this area has already been established and these fishermen who reserve loan for the purchase of boats and other equipment for fishing would be eligible under the scheme. in the State with the cooperation of NABARD in eight months. Mr. Sarma said the government also plans to set up a Backwater Corporation in the State with the cooperation of NABARD in eight months. Fisheries Department to provide 'sitting flagship satellite, ' 'equipment to locate the fishermen where they happened to meet accidents while fishing in deep sea at all ports of the State in five months, he added.

Diet Pills

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Miss Kerala Grand Finale

This year's miss kerala will be selected from among twenty-two participants at the grand finale to be held in Cochin coming friday. The miss kerala grand finale is being managed by Impresario Event management company in association with FMCG major ITC brand belonging Vivel. As per the director of impressario the contest will be of four rounds like west casual dress, round and traditional kerala clothing, designer saree. Along the prize of miss kerala there will other awards sponsered by different companies like vivel, holiday group, timeads, idea, titan rage, power horse etc, based on specific beauty attributes of the contestants. The contestants are not only from kerala but also from Germany, UK, UAE and Malaysia who are having kerala orgin.

More Women to be added in Kerala Police

Kerala government is about to recruit more women in the state police force and the force is undergoing a shortage of women police officers. This has been informed by Home Minister of kerala. As per minister the police wing has taken steps to rise the number of lady police officers. Currently women are not directly recruited as sub inspectors in the police department. Women police officers in the state are hardly 2000 among 50000 police officers in the state. The written examination for sub-inspector 's post would be common for men and women but not same for with regard to physical test.

Mobile Phones to be Banned in Kerala Schools

Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said Kerala Assembly that the government will ban the use of mobile phones in high schools. The minister said that no fewer than 14 cases were recorded in connection with mobile crimes, including people at risk and taking pornographic photographs. All that we have now is a simple order by the government so that mobile phones can be used in schools. But now it was decided that government will introduce new laws to that effect, a ban on phone use mobile in all schools, Balakrishnan said the state assembly.Balakrishnan was responding to a presentation by opposition legislator N. Jayaraj said that telephones were being used by students of the difficulty of their classmates. I had a few complaints that mobile phones are used by students. Although Jayaraj demanded that the use of mobile phones are banned in schools, including colleges, Balakrishnan said the ban would be imposed only in schools.

Stylish Eye Wears

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Red Ribbon Express in Kerala

Local people including schoolchildren, visited the Red Ribbon Express, which is on a mission to raise awareness on HIV / AIDS in the country, the Kozhikode Railway Station here today. The special train with movies and video games to raise awareness about the dreaded disease, which reached kozhikode railway stations this morning. The train would go to remote areas of the state to conduct exhibition on the theme along with two buses which are also organized to accompany the train. After two days of exposure, the train reached Kerala on June 28, in addition to Bangalore as part of its country-wide programme. The campaign is organised by the National AIDS Control Organization, the Foundation Rajiv Gandhi, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan State and society to fight against AIDS. one on December, 2007. UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi were reported off the Express in New Delhi on December, 2007. 9000 km in 24 states across the nation and halt at 180 important cities before reaching Delhi on December one, 2008. The train will travel 9,000 km in 24 states across the country and put an end to 180 major cities before arriving in Delhi on a December, 2008.

Harassment Against Women in Kerala on the rise

According to kerala Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, atrocities like sexual and dowry harassment against women is on the rise. He said as many as 15985 women harassment cases, including 6502 dowry cases, were registered after the Left Democratic Front Government came to power. As per the minister the police registered 1092 cases of rape, which included five cases of girls under five years and 229 cases of girls aged between five and 15. The maximum number of rape cases 768 involved girls aged between 16 and 35.