Kerala Ochira Kali festival

Kerala Ochira Kali festival is an age old festival held in ochira, kollam. This festival is a mock fight to remember the battle between the two kerala rulers held during the monsoon season each years. This year the participation for the festival has been immense. The folk dressed in striking color costumes, took part in this festival. The participants fight each other in a mock battle standing in water and splashing water holding swords and shields. This ritual is held as part of the annual festival of Ochira temple and is being held on the latter days of the ochira temple festival. Thousands of local, regional devotees and tourists witnessed the festival. This festival has started centuries ago. With regard to ochira temple, the template has got hasn't got and idol to worship. Parabrahmam or conscience Universal is being worshipped in this temple

I have been to this temple several times in my life time. This unique temple in the district of quilon is a stop over for every passenger who traverses through the national highway. The temple is located in the national highway and is easily

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