Enjoy Digital and High Definition Radio

Even after the introduction of tv and internet the relevance of radio and radio stations is not wiped out. Radio is one of the best and common man's medium for
entertainment and news especially in the third world countries. New and new fm stations are coming up in all parts of the world, that tells the relevance of radio
as a medium for entertainment. When i browsed over the net i have found the there
are two types of radio or rather radio stations, one is satellite radio and other is digital ration. The radio described digital radio technologies that carry information as a digital signal through a digital modulation method. The meaning is the most common digital audio broadcasting technology, but the topic May also include television broadcasting and many two-way digital wireless communication technologies. The with all other gadgets going high definition with more importance on clarity of the out put radios has also gone hifi. Florida High Definition Radio stations are one of the example. The hdradio who are providing high definition radio stations are facilitated with new country music stations and Polk Audio I-sonic ES2. The website provides all information
about this innovative radio technology and gives you information on finding how to receive crystal clear and absolutely free radio signals for you to enjoy.

Aligargh Muslim University in Kerala

As per the resolution of indian HRD ministry, the govt is about to create 5 branches of the Aligargh Muslim University across the country and five out of one about to be set up in kerala. The Kerala Government is seeking a site in Malappuram district to open a branch of this wold renowned univertisy. The education ministry of kerala government is about looking for a suitable site. Kerala government is planning to have full-fledged campus with all major professional courses.

Kerala Tourism Dream Season Campaign

The tourism website of kerala tourism department www.keralatourism.org presents more than 500 tour packages online as part of its dream season campaign. Kerala Tourism has been added more than 500 packages online as part of its offseason campaign named as dream season.

Kerala, one of the most visited destination in India is all set to offer value for money packages during the monsoon.The website has got value for money packages during the off season / monsoon season.

The packages are offered in associated with the Resorts, homestays, houseboats, ayurveda centres and tour operators of Kerala. Great value packages from backwater cruises to the hill station and public holidays ayurvedic rejuvenation packages monsoon honeymoon trips are offered by hotels, resorts, the house, housing, ayurveda centres and tour operators of Kerala, in response to the campaign season Dream, organized by Ministry of Tourism, Government Kerala.

The packages starting from rs 4444 being are offered by more than major organizations in the field of Kerala tourism industry. All these tour packages are clubbed under the section 'dream season in God 's own country'. The aim of the campaign is to make kerala a destination for 365 days in a year. This campaign has started last year and was a success.

Protect Baby, Protect Mom

My wife is pregnant, she had some pregnancy related problems for the last 2 months. I was looking over the net for new developments in pregnancy care and medications over the internet. Browsed many website regarding pregnancy and pregnancy care both natural medications and new age medications. I stumbled upon a website which deals with a revolutionary new family of stem cells Combo helps in protecting Baby, protecting mother. The website is dealing with Cryo-Cell cord blood stem cells. I was curious to know more about the same browsed the website to find out more. As per the information from the website this new technology says that there is greater chance that a newborns umbilical Cord May be a model adapted to their brothers and sisters and it is a 100% match for the mother. According to the researchers Cryo-Cell-U cord stem cells have been used in over 8000 transplants worldwide to treat more than seventy chronic diseases. The studies regarding stem cells are going on an can differentiate into many other types of cells to explore the future development of potential therapies to treat major diseases which are related to heart and diabetes. Cryo-Cell 's exclusive protect Baby, Mom Protect combination of services offers better protection to safeguard the family and a family of health care investments May potentially increase in value over time as regenerative medical therapies emerge.
Cryo-Cell Innovative Stem Cell Solutions we have helped over 150000 families to preserve their newborns cord blood for use against many chronic diseases. Cryo-Cell Bank cord blood is one of the first players in this field to maintain stem cells in which Cord blood is a first step in the further progress of medicine. Cryo-Cell's "Protect Baby, Protect Mom" is the pioneer firm to preserve stem cells for fight against future disceses.

A new born baby 's cord blood is full of in stem cells, which are special cells normally found in our bone marrow of a human being. Stem cells are the master cells responsible for production of all mature cells in our blood and immune system. They form the white blood cells that fight against infection, red blood cells carry oxygen, platelets that promote clotting and the cells of our immune system.

If your wife is pregnant and to know more about this then visit the website to preserve the stem cells and find "Protect Baby, Protect Mom" Special Limited-Time Introductory Offer for those who are availing the service now.

Intel Technopark Alliance

Intel,a major company in production of processors has entered into an alliance with Technopark here to help software developers. According to this program the company will be giving software publishers the tools and resources they need to enable the market and sell innovative applications that are based on Intel technologies which ranges from dual-core technology to virtualization. The companies which are involved in the program would have several advantages to dwell in the international software market by identifying investment, business opportunities, implementation of projects and remain competitive.

Kerala Ochira Kali festival

Kerala Ochira Kali festival is an age old festival held in ochira, kollam. This festival is a mock fight to remember the battle between the two kerala rulers held during the monsoon season each years. This year the participation for the festival has been immense. The folk dressed in striking color costumes, took part in this festival. The participants fight each other in a mock battle standing in water and splashing water holding swords and shields. This ritual is held as part of the annual festival of Ochira temple and is being held on the latter days of the ochira temple festival. Thousands of local, regional devotees and tourists witnessed the festival. This festival has started centuries ago. With regard to ochira temple, the template has got hasn't got and idol to worship. Parabrahmam or conscience Universal is being worshipped in this temple

I have been to this temple several times in my life time. This unique temple in the district of quilon is a stop over for every passenger who traverses through the national highway. The temple is located in the national highway and is easily

Alappuzha the next IT Hub in kerala

Kerala government has decided launch two info parks at Ambalappuzha and Cherthala in the district of alleppey. The IT in alappuzha is not highly developed due to the lack of adequate infrastructure. This decision to set up info parks will boost the it industry in alappuzha. The district authorities said that the work to acquire the 160 acres of land for both parks has already been launched. The proposed park in Ambalappuzha at a cost of about Rs 900 crore is expected to provide jobs to 20000 people. Now a days most of the people who are experts in information technology are flowing to other major cities and near by cities like trivandrum and cochin to find it jobs in their respective expertise. Although the land against the Ambalappuzha the park will be acquired from private individuals, there is no land problem in Cherthala, where the Kerala State Industrial Council has over 100 acres in the area Pallippuram panchayat. About 60 acres of this is likely to be acquired for the park, which will create jobs for 15000 and cost about Rs 500 crore, district officials. The authorities aim to complete both parks by 2010.

Malayalam Computing System launched in Kerala

The honorable chief minister of has launched 'malayalam computer system', a new initiative with the objective to enable lay men to use the Internet facility in their mother tongue.

After inaugurating the project chief minister told that in three years, about 50 lakh people in the State would will have the opportunity to learn malayalam computing.
The project has been designed jointly by the Kerala IT Mission and Akshaya and would be made to success through the Akshaya centers.

One of the feature told by the delegates present in inauguration is that keralites in the future could file their complaints by e-mail and necessary arrangements can be made at the earliest. There is also plans to computerize the police stations in the state during the coming one year.

Popular Activities with Online Dating

A couple of popular online activities are sharing recipes and bidding at auction. And these two easily online dating opportunities, one of the most popular online activities for singles today.

To help get many dates to learn more about online, here's what potential cyber-dates.

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Bidding at auction - Ebay auctions to sell almost everything and anything! Thus, around surfing and research between the dates as you were at school. Share memories fresh photos of old games and toys from when you were a child or when your parents or grandparents were little, The Dating Game, Oscar Mayer Wiener whistles, The Partridge Family Album, Bobby Sherman's Album, 45 and over .

Online dating can be an educational and fun experience. For example, learn more about each other and have fun while you're there. Take a cyber-stroll through the past and see together what is Cookin '.

Kerala School of Mathematics

A joint venture between the Council of State of Kerala for Science, Technology and Environment and the Department of Atomic Energy has started Kerala School of Mathematics. Kerala school of mathematics has been inaugurated by Honorable Chief minister of kerala. According to the minister this mathematics school has got immense responsibility to improve the level of studies on mathematics in the state. As per the information from the sources kerala school of mathematics is the second institution in the country dedicated to research in mathematics. Institution is expected to conduct research and post-doctoral workshops in the border areas of mathematics and organize national and international conferences in its first phase.

Monsoon Hits Kerala

In the past 48 hours it has rained in many places in kerala and in parts of lakshadeep. According to weather experts this is a clear sign that monsoon has hit kerala. The other chief amount of rainfall in cm were received five Kumarakam, Amini and Varkala four and Alappuzha, Kochi and Kottayam three cms each. It is expected that rain or thunder showers would occur in most places in kerala and lakshadeep. Weather authorities has warned that wind is likely to blow at a speed of 45-55 km / h in the coastal area of the state.

Kerala Schools Re-opens after summer vacation for a new academic year

About 400000 children are expected to join the first standard in the state this year.Honorable Chief Minister of Kerala VS Achuthanandan inaugurated the State-level admission to the festival in Malampuzha. The government is open to suggestions on the proposed new programme to be implemented in schools. After inagurating the function the minister has told that if there are problems with the new package, government is ready to deal with it.This year, as in the new program the government has changed textbooks for classes I, III and VII.Addressing the function, Education Minister MA Baby state said that this year the government will provide health cards to school children to ensure good health for them.