Kerala Monsoon - Its Coming

As per the reports from the Meteorological department monsoon season this years monsoon season is just a week away. According to the Meteorological office, the emergence forecasting model suggests that the onset of monsoon over Kerala is likely to be on May 29 with a margin of error of four days. The Standard beginning of monsoon on Kerala is June 1. The days are coming to enjoy the rainy season. It think it is during the monsoon season lots of calamities happens in the kerala especially due to flooding. This year also there is not much progress happened in solving the problem regarding flooding in trivandrum city and in east fort. Even after lots of discussions among government officials it is quite clear that this year also people will have swim to reach east fort bus station and trivandrum bus station.
Looking forward for an exciting and thrilling swimming competition in east fort and central trivandrum in the coming months.

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November 4, 2008 at 3:23 AM

Hi,i am arriving for my first trip to India in Kerala on 15 november 2008 and am going to kovalam. The weather forecast says it is raining quite heavily (i guess this is the "second monsoon" season that i have read about). Can anyone tell me when the rain is predicted to stop? Will it be dry by mid november? Thank you!