Hot News in Kerala - Swami Swami Amritachaithanya alias Santhosh Madhavan

Obviously the news about swami amrithachaithanya is the hottest in kerala. The tv channels and news papers are having a festive season with this news. In each and every news channel the first news will be something concerned with the alleged swami. Everyday there will be some new story about swami in channels and news papers. Hot discussions are going on not only in channels and news papers but also among the people. The news has surprised many in kerala with more shocking news and sub stories coming day by day. Hoping that more swamis who are performing illegal and immoral activities will be pulled out of their holes in the coming future.

Before the swami issue the hot and most discussed issue was regarding price hike of commodities. Now that issue not in the list. Has measures taken to control price hike? The media has got a new and interesting news and they are after it. It is a fact that media is deciding which one is the current and prominent topic to be discussed and not the need of the common man which tops the list.

Anyway, according to recent reports, after the complain of chest pain the controversial Kerala Amritachaithanya Swami alias Santhosh Madhavan, who was arrested on charges of rape and cheating, was admitted to the Thrissur Medical College. The alleged swami Amritachaithanya was arrested in Kochi on Tuesday and was questioned by a team of police officers. Amritachaithanya was initially taken to the Cochin General Hospital but was later moved to the Thrissur Medical College.

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