A feature on Kerala 'Kalarippayat' in Discovery Chanel

Discovery Channel's 'fight against the Quest' team is currently filming an documentary on Kerala Kalarippayat, which is recognized as one of the oldest form or martial arts in the world and one of the most complete personnel combat forms in martial arts.

As per Discovery Channel officials the team has started filming since 14th of this month in and around the northern town of Calicut, Kozhikode. The calicut district in kerala is the most famous for kalaraipayat and where most of the 'kalaris 'are located.

'Kalarippayat 'is the only Indian martial art form to be included in the series, which combines cultural experiences with the hard-edged thrill of actual fighting.

In the series, guests immerse themselves in local culture and train with experts for five days before facing off against the toughest competitors place has to offer.

"Fight against Quest" is telecasted every Tuesday at 2100 hours on the Channel. In the series, viewers will have to go the World various forms of learning from hand to hand combat and martial art traditions.

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