Ban on plastics in kerala - Below 50 microns

After the ban of plastics and plastic products which are below 30 micros, the Kerala government today banned the use of all varieties of plastic products and materials which are below 50 microns in thickness. The government issued a notification in this regard on the ban of plastics.The present ban is imposed after the earlier ban on 30 microns failed to give required results. As per the notification those who violates this would have to pay a fine of Rs One lakh, including an year of imprisonment. Different government authorities like the corporation and panchayat secretaries is authorized for the implementation of the ban.
Still lots of shops used to sell their products in plastics bags. I have asked several stores while i am shopping regarding the plastic bag, they were telling like the plastic bag has got a seal, so it is authorized to sell products in this bag. These so claimed plastic bags with authorized seals looks same like and has got almost the same thickness as the bags which were previously sold before the implementation of the ban. I do feel that ban of plastics by the government is a great move but what about the implementation? Lets hope for the best.

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