Which is your favorite fm radio in kerala?

According to recent survey report of IMRB Radio Mango is the favorite FM radio station in trivandrum. IMRB is one of the prominent marketing research institution in the country. The resport published is according to the survey conducted in two districts of kerala ie, thrissur and calicut. In these two districts of people considers radio mango as the best private fm radio station. After the launch of private fm stations in the state of kerala there has been a considerable increase the number of people who tune to fm radio. It should be noticed that according to some other survey reports majority of the people who are tuning fm radio are below 35 years of age.

In a small poll conducted by this blog, heartmates.blogspot.com radio mango has received most number of votes. You can view the poll results on the first right side panel of this blog. It is true that the favorite fm channel differs from individuals to individuals. But one thing is sure that more keralites are tuning fm radio stations that before.

Which is your favorite fm station in kerala? Don't forget to comment on this? I would like to hear from you.

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