Maintain You Body

Recently i have read an article in one of the malayalam news paper on how people are making efforts to reduce their weight. A picture was also accompanied with the article on people walking in museum park of trivandrum in the early morning. It is quite evident from the picture that people are striving hard for losing their weight. According to one survey keala is one of the state in india which faces the problem of obesity among the individuals. In the recent months i have seen many weight loss and slimming programs being introduced by health clubs in trivandrum. Are these slimming programs offered by these health clubs are effective.

Asianet 'Malayali 2007' Award Goes to A.K Antony

Defence Minister A. K. Antony Friday received Asianet award,'Malayali 2007' in a function organised here in trivandrum. While addressing the audience, he asked Malayalis to alter their mentality if they wanted Kerala to advance and thrive. "If one looks into the success stories of folk in every nook and box of the reality, there would surely be a Malayali who has emerged triumphant. But the tragic matter is that Malayalis in Kerala are not productive enough payable to their mentality, which is different to the mentality of a Malayali settled outside Kerala. This is the bane of Kerala," Antony said after receiving the prize by Asianet. "The demand of the minute is that we have to discover a physician who can indicate a cure to alter keralite's mindsets, which is pulling Kerala backwards in all fields," the onetime Kerala chief minister said. "The political leadership, cutting across political parties, has a character in this because we dont recognize when to begin an argument and when to finish it. Due to this, when we go one measure ahead, we go two steps backward. If this mentality is changed, Kerala will get nothing to seem backwards," said Antony. Asianet TV nominated Antony as one of the 10 best Malayalis and he won the best slot after 24 percentage of viewers voted for him. Malayalam Movie artist Prithviraj came in second spot. Antony received the prize from Chief Minister V. S. Achuthanandan, who had bagged the accolade last year.

Kerala to conduct North East Dance Festival

Kerala will shortly have a preference of northeastern civilization as it prepares to host a dancing festival that brings jointly 800 artists from the respective northeastern states. The eight-day festival starts here Feb 16 and will include brief plays and an exhibition of northeastern handicrafts. "This is the third moment this festival is being staged in the nation. The best two shows were held in Delhi and Hyderabad. The participating states include Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland," country Culture Minister M. A. Baby told reporters Saturday. The fest will include the favorite Jeng Bihu dancing from Assam, Dhol Cholam from Manipur, Sangrai-Mog from Tripura and Tamang Selo from Sikkim. "Eighty-one artisans will follow the dancing teams and would exhibit their handicrafts like handloom, coir and bamboo products," said V. Venu, Kerala's civilization secretary. The fest is being organised by the South Zone Cultural Centre, Thanjavur, and the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy. The recently concluded nishaghandhi dance fetival and cultural fest was a big success in gathering people and dance lovers from all over the state.

Second Botanical Garden in Kerala

The Malabar Botanical Garden, Kerala's second botanical garden, was inaugurated here on Saturday february 9th 2008. The newly inagurated botanical garden which is spread over 38-acres has got rare species of plants will concentrate in research on aquatic plants. Accroding to R. Ansari, who is the managing director of the botanical garden, "We have a rare collection of aquatic plants that are facing extinction. A large number of research scholars are now visiting the garden to conduct studies on the plants" .The botanical garden is located in the Kolathara suburb of Kozhikode, about 450 km north from state capital Thiruvananthapuram.One of the specialties of the garden is its collection of water lilies, considered the largest in the country.While inaugurating the garden, Kerala Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan said: "The government will soon enact a law to protect paddy fields and marshy lands in the state."Due to urbanization and real estate boom, builders are rampantly reclaiming the low-lying marshy areas in Kerala.The Tropical Botanical Garden and Research Institute (TBGRI) in Thiruvananthapuram was the first botanical garden to have come up in the state

Baby Gifts

Finding an appropriate gift for a baby is a challenging and time consuming task. While selecting a baby gifts one should keep in mind that it should be suitable for the age of the child and affordable for whom who is buying the gift. The toy which we are selecting for the baby, should be innocuous and must reflect a kid’s individualism and personality. In decree to select the correct gift for the infant you must go into circumstance particular features of thought and behavior at distinct stages of his or her growth. The better gift for a baby for whom you are buying the gift must be an infant plaything. You can select a variety of baby gifts online in the website

Sea Food Exhibition / Show begins in Kochi

Are you font of sea foods? Would you like to see a wide variety of sea foods? The opportunity has come for you to find out more what the vast sea if offering as sea foods. A three day Sea food show has been started in the commercial city of kerala, cochin. Keralites are basically very much font of sea foods. Large amount of seafoods are exported from kerala every year which brings lots of revenue for the fisher mens and the fish exporting industry. For the coming three days people can have a look different variety of fish and fish products in the seafood exhibition. This india international sea food show is organised once in two years and will be inagurated by Union Minister of State for Commerce Jairam Ramesh.

The Best Sellers

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Make Greeting Cards

Have you ever wondered how greeting cards are made? Let's research some of the many ways cards are created. Many folk go joy from creating their own cards. There are respective types of newspaper one can take to have a poster. There are too respective types of ink, paint, accessories to link, writing styles, cartoons, markers, and still crayons that one can take to have a poster. Some folk go really imaginative when creating cards. Even feathers can be used to offer a poster that particular contact. When making a poster, it's truly all about your own private manner and what you want to express to the recipient of the poster. There are those, of class, who pride themselves on making cards from their house computers. It's intriguing how many types of newspaper you can purchase to have a poster. The artwork accessible for cards are of an astonishing amount and character. Of a much private stake are the photos you can imprint into your own poster creations. This kind of card-making is particularly fun during vacation time. It will give your cards that personal touch like no other and a warm memory for someone to add to their scrapbook or keep it in his photo album.

Some artists love printing on cards using calligraphy pens. It takes a particular gift to develop character job using a calligraphy pen. Such a poster would express thoughtfulness and maintenance to the recipient. It would tell how more the individual wished to delight by their moment and attempt place into making the poster. It would affect often much than just what the poster would tell. It would too affect finding the correct tools to have the poster one of character. Special newspaper is required for perfection in calligraphy, along with hours of use, the correct pens, and the particular ink that must be used. Children go more pleasure from creating cards. A loved one or supporter would have such a poster dear to their eye. An easy slice of typing newspaper and a crayon can develop a fantastic job of simplistic artwork simply potential through the eyes and hands of a kid. Even much pleasure can be derived when children are allowed to delve into finger-paints or glue and accessories. Buttons, thread, small wooden figures, magazine cut-outs, craft foam figures and alphabets, glitter, and even material can turn an ordinary piece of cardstock into a card of wonder!

Many folk, however, yet favor the age-old selection of cards created enmasse by the apparently infinite poster companies. These companies offer appliance. They rescue folk moment, attempt, resources, and money. They have too, no uncertainty, saved many husbands, wives, in-laws, or still children from being place in the "dog home"! Unfortunately, some folk just aren't better with words, emotions, or aren't artistically talented and are relieved that they can rely on the poster companies. Some folk may still be incapable to publish and can calculate on the poster companies to develop just what they want to tell. Suppose you were inconvenienced with a damaged weapon? Buy a ready-to-wear poster and rescue the day