The Small Wonder TATA NANO launched

The much talked about and speculated TATA's one lakh car has been unveiled yesterday in the Delhi auto expo by Ratan Tata. The price tag of TATA's new car is one lakh rupees. Even through the price is only one lakh rupess, there are one billion dreams associated with it. I think this is the headline new for most newspapers in India. The car is expected to hit the roads only after 8 months that is during the month of November 2008 with a 624 cc petrol engine. According to TATA, Nano is more spacious than the current smallest car in the indian market, Maruti 800. This common man's car is released almost after ten years after it has been told by TATA. I would like to say that TATA has kept its promise of new car for one lakh rupees.

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January 13, 2008 at 1:26 AM

Any guess where this NANO will be taking us? More congestion, pollution and chaos! Its going to revolutionise the way middle class travel, surely, but we need some very serious upliftments in our road and city infrastructure...