Bhrath Gopi - Tribute to Malayalam Movie Actor

It was a sad moment for me to hear that Bharath Gopi has bid farewell to this world. A veteran and versatile actor who acted in a unique way to give life to malayalam movie characters. Most of the roles he played was very much associated with common man's life. That might be the reason why keralites loved those characters which he played. During his lifetime he handled different characters of a young man to an elder person. Bharath Gopi's characters has proved that there is not place for glamour and stylish outfits in the silver screen, if one is having adequate talent and dedication to the work. The demise of this great actor is a big loss to Indian movie industry, who has secured great awards and recognition in regional and national level. It is certain that the characters which he has played in many movie including one of the recent movie rasathanthram is quite alive in the minds of keralites and will stay on for years to come.

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