Kerala's 12th International Film Festival

The film festival has ended in style with a grand closing ceremony. The closing ceremony was held in the Nishaghandhi Auditorium of Trivandrum. I have been there to watch the closing ceremony, it was truly a great cultural feast for the crowd who assembled there. The award for the best film, Suvarna Chakoram has been equally awarded to the director of the films 10 + 4(Maania Akbari - Iranian Director) and XXY(Lucia Pinso - Spanish Director).

Ore Kadal directed by Shyama Prasad has been awarded the best Malayalam Movie. Ore Kadal is great movie which tell the story of city life and human emotions. I have watched the movie from Nishaghandhi Auditorium day before yesterday. Movie tries to tell the world that, it is emotions that rule the world not economics. Anyway this year's film festival has been a great event for movie enthusiasts and the common man.

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