Alexa Ranking

Recently google has decreased the ranking for some websites which were selling text links. Some people are claiming that google has individually targeted some websites and
manually edited the page ranks. But i don't think that google has manually updated the page rank of websites why because during the same time many blogs and one of my blog's has experienced increase in their page ranks.

But recently this blog is showing a drop in alexa rankings, click on the link to visit this blogOnce upon a lifetime in kerala. I have done all the ethical methods to increase alexa rankings. Some people has recommended me some unethical methods to increase alexa rankings but i am not following that. I think one of the reason behind this drop is because my blog traffic does not have people with alexa toolbars installed on their browsers. Is this the actual reason? My web statistics shows that currently i am receiving a moderate amount of traffic.
What could be the reason behind this drop in alexa rankings? Anyone out there who can give some valuable suggestions.

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