Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a consistent breathing meditation. This type of breathing-oriented posed yoga is a dynamic one. As breath control is an important factor in yoga, vinyasa yoga can be considered as Power Yoga.

With regard to the poses, Vinyasa yoga can describe the poses performed between repeats of a “dog which is downward facing” in a Sun Salutation: Plank, "Four Limbed Staff", and "Upward Facing Dog".

To get into the Plank pose from a downward-facing dog pose, one will have to bring your torso up until your body is straight and your shoulders are directly handling over your wrists. It’s just like the push up position. Press down firmly through your forearms and hands, get widen your shoulder blades, and press back through the heels, don’t bother about whether your heels touch the floor or not. You will want to make sure that your neck stays inline with your spine, but once you have mastered it, you can perform the pose with one leg lifted at a time.

From Plank, in order to enter the Four Limbed Staff post by bending your arms straight back and hugging your upper arms to your sides. Then you will want to lower yourself to the floor with your forearms and upper arms at a 90 degree angle, while keeping your body level same throughout the pose. Push back on your heels while pressing into your palms. (A caution for Beginners – Beginners can leave their knees on the floor until they build the strength to hold up their bodies.) Then you can try shifting the pose while leaving one leg up from the advanced plank pose. This has to be done only when one has mastered the pose.

To progress into Upward Facing Dog, tuck in your toes to roll over your feet as you come forward. Make sure that your thighs are not touching the floor. Keep your legs tense and off the floor, but you will also press into the floor with the tops of your feet and with your palms. Keep in mind that your shoulders remain over the wrists, and drop your hips. It will be easier for beginners to transition by dropping their thighs to the floor, flipping their feet over one at a time and atlast raising their legs again to move into Upward Facing Dog.

These type of beginning yoga poses will require you to concentrate if you would like to master it. It is true that this yoga practice is difficult for a person to master. To be frank there are many difficulties in mastering vinyasa yoga and it is not recommend for absolute beginners.

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