Range of Gift Cards

What is a gift card? I have never ever received a gift card. Just searched over the net to find what is a gift card. I found that a gift card is a form of credit which a person can give to another person. The person who is getting it can use it to do some kind of shopping. This is my limited knowledge about gift cards. Please correct me if i am wrong.

Just now i have visited a website which has got a wide range of gift cards, holiday gift cards, shopping gift cards etc. The website http://www.shopping.com/gift-cards lists holiday gift cards along with the popular gift cards of major companies in the market. Most of the time shopping gift cards are being purchased to present it to some body. I think a gift card would be is a perfect gift for some one you love. By giving a gift card you are giving freedom to buy his or her's favorite product rather than accepting what we are presenting. You can pick the gift card of you choice and buy gift cards online directly from the website.

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