Hot Yoga

My series of blog posts on yoga continues with different types of yoga and practices. Hope my previous blog posts on different topics of yoga has been interesting the informative. If would be grateful to know if these blog posts are helpful in knowing more about yoga and its age old tradition for human health.

A yoga developed by Bikram Choudhury is know as Bikram Yoga. In this type of yoga a person will be practicing yoga in a room which has got a temperature of about 95-105 degrees. The room on which a person is about to practice yoga is also high in humidity. With this much amount of temperature and humidity, that lowers the risk of muscular injury and increase body flexibility. As we sweat while practicing yoga in this room, it will help in getting rid of the toxins in the body. When you subject yourself to hot temperatures will help you to get toned and loss the weight. An interesting fact that this atmosphere can strengthen our immune system.

Bikram Yoga or hot yoga is comprised of 26 poses and it also includes two breathing exercises. Each breath exercise is performed twice within an hour an half. The yoga room is carpeted and has mirrors, which is a specially designed on. Benefits of bikram yoga can help a person relieve chronic pain and even certain symptoms from some diseases.

The series will be continued with more information on different yoga concepts and practices.

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