Hartal in Kerala

Today it is 12 hour long hartal here in kerala organized by Bharatiya Janatha Party(BJP). Hartal is being organised against the proposed inaguration of the salem railway division. Today morning itself some minor disturbances happened in some parts of trivandrum city. KSRTC has stopped their service temporarily. Trivandrum city is almost stand still only two wheelers are running on the roads. The people who are most suffered are those who are working in private firms. Today morning itself i have seen lots of people walking and asking for lifts to reach their office. It is a great relief that the BJP activists has allowed two wheelers to run on the roads. Can these type of hartal organised by different political parties can make a difference. Usually after 24 hours no one will be thinking about this hartal.
Do you think that these type of hartals are the need for the society.

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  Kerala Views

November 1, 2007 at 9:38 AM

Not at all. See an estimate of losses at my blog.