About Yoga continues with Drishti Yoga

Yoga which is also based on meditation is considered as a form of exercise that came from some eastern religions. You will find that the origins of yoga are translated in English from Sanskrit. Sanskrit which is an age old language in India, which people of India used to speak and write about two thousand years ago. When you are beginning with your yoga, you will face some initial difficulties. You will learn the power of drishti once you have become an advanced yoga student. Most yoga teachers will teach that the drishti will help you to improve the way that you carry yourself and your posture. You will also be able to get a better understanding of how yoga works on the mind and body.

With the ancient yoga teachers you might have heard things like wherever the gaze lies, your attention follow. Meaning your mind will follow what you are looking at. Have you ever heard the expression, “Keep your eye on the ball”? This is the same principle which applies on drishti yoga. In yoga as a religious practice, as well as to benefit our health, the ultimate goal is to provide calm to the mind. Yoga will help you to relieve stress and you’re your body and mind focus and see things more clearly. You will find that it will help you on many levels. By fixing your gaze on a single point (a drishti), you can hone the skills you need to bring your mind to a single point as well. Drishti seeks to block out external disturbances and distractions so that the mind is wholly focused on itself.

While practicing drishti yoga, you will want to learn how to focus on your breathing. You can also do drishti yoga by keeping your eyes open. If you keep your eyes open as you meditate, you can also use an outside source, like the tip of you nose or the flame of a candle. When practicing yoga, simply choose a point in the room on which to fix your gaze and your mind. You will want to make sure that you choose something that you can find natural. This can be very helpful when holding poses for an extended period of time. For beginning students, the drishti will be the instructor. Remember that as you advance, your understanding of the use of drishti will advance as well.

You should not feel like your eyes or strained or that it interferes without yoga routine. For those who are religious, they will see the activitiy as a way to work on the mind and the body. You willl find that some types fo yoga have some drishti used poses. You will try things like the downward facing dog and you’ll fix your gaze upon your navel. Your teachers will explain the use of drishti and how to blend it in with your routine. They will tell you some recommend on how you can use your poses to help you improve yourself overall.

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