Shame on Malayalee

It was a shocking news for me that a fully pregnant woman and two children has been
man handled by people in Edapal, kerala. I came to know that the lady has been
beaten up by an agitated mob and dragged her on the road who alleged her for theft.
Even though she is not a keralite there should be given consideration as human
being. It is truly shame on Malayalee. When a man has been beaten up a mob in bihar
for theft, it has raised some eyebrows in kerala and asked for severe action against
the culprits. Yesterday's incident in kerala suggests that the situation in kerala
is much worser than Bihar. Whatever be the caste, creed or religion of a person no
culture or society in india will never allow to beat a fully pregnant woman in
street except in kerala. It is quite unfortunate that this has happened in a state which has attained 100% literacy. Frankly speaking, Malayalee has lost all its values as human beings.

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October 8, 2007 at 2:31 AM

As such it is a sinful act of public beating a pregnant woman and her children, for an alleged act of theft.

This is very shameful on the part of the public in doing such sinful acts and that the whole mob must be caught and prosecuted for this act of inhumanity without which there is no safety for women in India.

Mrs. Kamala

  Kerala Tips

October 8, 2007 at 8:03 AM

Can any society be worse than us?


October 12, 2007 at 7:23 AM

This is not surprising, to me atleast. What we see is the result of the past decades of bringing up of our folk. These people who indulged in these acts would probably justify it.

{On the other hand, it could also mean that the faith in the justice system for the common man has become zero.}

I remember that Outlook (an english magazine published in India) once conducted a poll amongst school going kids. The poll asked what the kid would do if he/she got a specified amount of money to spend? It gave them many choices like "Buy this, buy that" etc. One choice that remained conspicuous by its absence was "I would give away some to the needy poor".

We have become materialistic to the core that to run behind money is not vulgar anymore.

It is something that we need to introspect to bring an overall change in the mindset of the people.

It is also ironic that the same people who lynch people who steal a few hundred or a thousand rupees, do nothing (can't do anything even if they want to) about the crores of money that they are being cheated, misappropriated and misused by the powers that are.

[I understand that finally nothing was found on the poor woman to prove that she stole whatever. Very sad indeed.]