Bobanum Moliyum has turned 50

Two characters which is alive in the minds of keralites for decades has turned 50.
Before the introduction of disney characters and other western animated characters,
bobanum molium was the only cartoon characters in kerala. As all keralites are well
aware these chracters are has come up with hilarious comedies and ridiculed the problems in the social and family lives of keralites. According to Toms, the author
and creator of these characters bobanum moliyum is actually two living characters in
kuttand, Kerala. Those who have gone through the books might have noticed a dog hanging around with bobanum and moliyum, this dog was also a living character.I am sure that each and every books published were thought provoking ones. It has been old by the author that a function will be held in New Delhi celebration 50 Years of the book.

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