Cash advance and Pay Day Loans

Last month i have been to a bank to get a loan. Till now i hasn't got the loan, i have submitted the documents they have asked for. Later when i called up they said that the process is going on. It is about one month of processing. Speedy processing of loans is what every one need as many of them apply for loans for some kind of immediate or personal requirement just like mine.
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3rd DC International Book Fair

A mega event of third DC International Book fair will be held in trivandrum from October 28 2007 to November 8 2007. The venue of the cultural festival and book fair is at Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium, Trivandrum. I think it is a much awaited festivity for the book lovers in kerala. According to the oraganisers there will be display of more than 10 lakhs books covering variety of topics from about 200 publishers. Entry will be free. Meet you there.

Happy Reading and Enjoy Reading.

Romance Novels

Romance, a feeling which builds strong relationships between a man and a woman. I personaly feel that romance and affection plays a vital role in family life. Romance helps in forgiving the mistakes made by the partner and make adjustments for a
sucessful life. The romantic novels and plays written by great novelists has been accepted by both hands by the public. The romantic stories which were written years ago is still widely read and is an integral part of the curriculum for literature and other educational courses around the world. You might be wondering Why i am writing about this topic? Just a while before i have visited a website which is featuring books on romance novels along with other categories. I thought that i will convey that information to you. The webite has got wide range of books to choose from. Nowadays more and more people are searching and reading ebooks, still there are lots of people who likes to have printed copies of books in their hands. You can browse through different categories of books like romance, medical, historical, modern etc, which are available in the online store and place and order for your favorite book online. The ordered book will be devivered to your doorstep by

Bobanum Moliyum has turned 50

Two characters which is alive in the minds of keralites for decades has turned 50.
Before the introduction of disney characters and other western animated characters,
bobanum molium was the only cartoon characters in kerala. As all keralites are well
aware these chracters are has come up with hilarious comedies and ridiculed the problems in the social and family lives of keralites. According to Toms, the author
and creator of these characters bobanum moliyum is actually two living characters in
kuttand, Kerala. Those who have gone through the books might have noticed a dog hanging around with bobanum and moliyum, this dog was also a living character.I am sure that each and every books published were thought provoking ones. It has been old by the author that a function will be held in New Delhi celebration 50 Years of the book.

Wedding Gift Options

Wedding is a special and a unique momemt in one's life. Everyone who got married will be having lots of memories to cherish associated with their wedding. Wedding function and bridal parties will be filled with friends and relatives. It is common that all these friends and relatives who are there to attend the wedding function will be presenting some gifts to the couples. Most of the time i found many people gets confused on gift options, what gift or what type of gift to be given to the couples.

You can look out for gift stuffs in the website which has got a range of unique wedding gifts. The website features personalised wedding gifts and bridal accessories ranging from quality ornaments to custom cake toppers. The site offers printed gifts, ceramic gifts, photo wedding gifts and bridal accessory shops. The site is also resourceful on getting ideas regarding the arrnagement of wedding and bridal parties.

Shame on Malayalee

It was a shocking news for me that a fully pregnant woman and two children has been
man handled by people in Edapal, kerala. I came to know that the lady has been
beaten up by an agitated mob and dragged her on the road who alleged her for theft.
Even though she is not a keralite there should be given consideration as human
being. It is truly shame on Malayalee. When a man has been beaten up a mob in bihar
for theft, it has raised some eyebrows in kerala and asked for severe action against
the culprits. Yesterday's incident in kerala suggests that the situation in kerala
is much worser than Bihar. Whatever be the caste, creed or religion of a person no
culture or society in india will never allow to beat a fully pregnant woman in
street except in kerala. It is quite unfortunate that this has happened in a state which has attained 100% literacy. Frankly speaking, Malayalee has lost all its values as human beings.

Nasscom to conduct a test in Kerala

Nasscom the premier instiution which facilitates IT Business and chamber of commerce of the IT software and services industry in India is about a conduct a test in Kerala. The test will conducted to find upcoming talents for indian ITES industry and regarded as the benchmark for attaining jobs in the Industry. NAC Test or (NASSCOM Assesment of Competence Test)will be held on 16th of december at Trivandrum, Cochin and Kozhikode. A certificate will be issued by the institution for successful candidates. Graduates from all field except Engineering and Technology are eligible to apply for the test. So graduates hurry up its time to score high marks in the test and secure a job in the ITES industry. For more information you can visit the website

Alcoholism a Curse

Alcoholism is a common phenomena or otherwise an addiction which can be found in all cultures and societies around the world. Just like all the societies, here in my state of kerala it is a big curse. I personally knows who are my neighbors and relatives who has gone addicted to alcoholism. After months of regular intake of alcohols it would be very difficult to get rid of this bad habit or the body gets addicted to this liquid. Frankly speaking alcoholism not only destructs a persons life but also his family.

Alcoholism treatment center is the need of the society. A quality and affordable rehabilitation center can bring back normal life to a person and recover from this addiction. Those who are alcohol addicts think that it would be impossible to get rid of this destructive behavior. According to The Shores at first it seems impossible, but if effective and regular treatment is given it can happen. The Shores, a rehabilitation center who offers personalized and quality services in this field is all set for deaddiction treatments and complete recovery at an affordable rate. The Shores which offerscenter drug rehab treatment is a necessity for drug addicts. If anyone is a drug addict recover from the menace with The Shores.

Professor M.N Vijayan passed away

A prominent face in kerala's social and cultural arena has bid farewell to keralites. Professor was a constant evaluator of the left government and the communist party of kerala for more than five decades. At the time of death Professor was attending a press meeting organized by Kerala Shastha Sahithya Parishath. Funeral ceremony has been attended by Honorable ministers and other eminent person of kerala. I, personally paying tribute to the professor through this blog and thinks that it would be great loss for kerala and keralites.

Branded Trains from Indian Railways

In a move to earn more revenue, railway administration is introducing a new concept. The idea is to give brand names to trains for example Airtel Mangalore - Ernakulam Express. As part of the campaign railways will give whole of a particular train or some compartments for the advertisement of the company. The companies who are taking up these compartments can make all sorts of ads inside or outside the boggys. But the compartments should be converted back to normal before giving it back to the railways.
Is'nt is such a great and innovative idea by Lalu and his boys? Not only that as far as the companies are conerned it will be great opportunity to reach the mass.

WareHousing Solutions

News for distributors or other who are dealing with bulk orders. On time and on budget order fulfillment is inevitable for a successful business. An effective distribution system or reliable warehousing service partner is what which is looked upon by all distributors and manufacturers. GDF Fulfillment Solutions is commited to provide warehousing solutions or what do you say pick, pack and ship service for those who are in need. The firm offers services like custom packaging of the products, Inventory Management, Online tracking of the order, warehousing and storage etc. Reports are generated on monthly and weekly basis on the transactions made through the GDF Fulfillment solutions. The firm is also a wholesale book distributors with custom packaging of the books. Visit the website or click on the links to read more about the services offered on ware housing, mail house service, custom packaging of products, order processing etc. Testimonials of those who has availed this service is also provided on the website.

International Non-Violence Day - Remembering Ghandhi

Yet another October Second is over. Till last year india was the only nation in the world who celebrates the brithday of Mahathma Ghandhi. This year onwards United Nations has selected October second as international Non-violence day. I think it was a belated decision to pay tribute to Mahatma Ghandhi, it could have been done much earlier. Ghandhiji's teachings and perspective of life which stood for non-violence, universal peace and harmony is very much relevant in todays world.

Indian Cricket Team In Cochin

Indian cricket team who are the winners of twenty 20 world cup is here in cochin. Indian team is here to play their second match against Australia. First match in the series has been held at Bangaluru, which was dropped due to rain. Cochin match is also threatened by rain. Both the team has been welcomed by cheering cricket fans in the the cochin nedumbassery airport. The match will be held today in the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Cochin. On member of indian cricket team S. Sreesanth hails from cochin.