Plastics Menace

Recently kerala government has banned plastic products and carry bags which are less than 30 microns. In my point of view it is a great decision by kerala government. It is widely agreed that plastics and plastic products is a big menace for the environment. I am wondering even after the warnings from experts why authorities are reluctant in implementing ban on plastics?. I have discussed this decision of government with some of my friends, they are all concerned about the ban and worried about an alternative for plastics. Is there anyway to recycle the plastics which are being produced?

Cochin merchants union and all kerala plastic manufacturers association has prepared a plan to recycle used plastics. According to their plan they will be collecting the used plastic products at about ten rupees per kilogram and will be send to recycling units just like how paper is being recycled. In kerala about 100 plastic recycling units are there, i think the units are not functioning properly. If those units has been given a new life, then it can end this plastic menace in kerala. The recycled plastics can be used in gardening equipments, benches, bags and can also be used as an ingredient in road tarring. Hope this initiative can end up the plastic menace in kerala.

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