Nature and Culture Based Tourism

Kerala Tourism is purely based on its natural beauty and its culture. Kerala Tourism Department and other organizations associated with tourism is promoting culture based tourism. This is quite evident from the websites of travel operators and kerala tourism website. Tourists who are visiting kerala would like to watch rituals of kerala and experience the age old and traditional ayurveda.

During onam time itself lots of cultural programs are being organized by government specially for the tourists. Cultural programs are organized in more than fifteen venues in trivandrum alone. These programs are not only enjoyed by tourists but also by native people.

Kerala has got a number of exotic beaches, hill stations and beautiful landscapes with adds to the promotion of nature based tourism. These natural wonders are more than enough to attract tourists from around the world. These assets of kerala helps in bringing out the best in hospitality industry.

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September 14, 2007 at 4:50 AM

Kerala is a beautiful place on Earth. Rightly it is called God's Own Country.

  Agn! Sharman

January 3, 2008 at 12:14 AM

Kerala is one of the sought after International tourist destinations in Asia.

Kerala has a unique geographical features that has and is attracting tourist from across the globe.
Kerala is the south west tip of India, enclosed by the Arabian Sea on the west and Western Ghats on the east.

This coastline state of India stretches to about 600 Kilo Meters of clean beaches, serene backwaters, green paddy fields, swaying coconut lagoons, dense green jungles and hill stations.

Kerala's rich and uique art forms and a highly literate society has always been a part of its Unique selling point.

Kerala! the charming, seductive, serene, exotic and blessed land is no wonder called "God's Own Country".

As Jose says ( "When life gets your heart tiring, think of KERALA, and here the nature will heal you".

In the following linked pages, I attempt to give you some facts and useful information about Kerala.

All information may not be up-to-the-date, but will be useful for sure.

I have also included a discussion forum and a chat page to make this website and your experience visiting it more lively.

Thank you,

Agni Sharman