Indian Team is back after Twenty Twenty World Cup

Indian cricket team is back after winning the first ever Twenty 20 world cup. A grand reception was organized for Indian team in Mumbai city. A crowd of 35000 people was there to welcome the Indian team in the city. After getting off board, Indian team along with the officials were carried by an open bus for 30 kilometers followed by the fans. In the end felicitations has been given to all members of the Indian team at a function organized in the city.

Most of the players has got cash prizes and funds up to one million and offered special packages. The prize money is sponsored by BCCI and state governments.

Sreesanth, a member of the Indian team who is a native of kerala has been offered an amount of five lakh by the state government of kerala. Robin uthappa who is settled in the state of Karnataka, and whose mother hails from the kozhikode district of kerala has also been offered an amount of three lakh rupees by kerala government.

Always cricket is given much prominence in india and cricket players are well rewarded. But what about other sports and sporting personal? Recently Indian Hockey team has won Asia Cup for India and India Football Team has got the first ever Nehru Cup.Are they getting adequate attention from the authorites.

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