Fight against chikun guinea - a herbal way

Chikun Guinea, a disease which had spread mostly in the southern part of kerala in the recent past. Those affected will be having and fever and joint pain for about one week and after that parts of body will get swollen along with pain all over the body. I think this discease has affected more than 30% per of people in kerala in less than 3 months. This epidemic like discease has raised questions about the efficieny of kerala's health care system. which is as one of the best health care system in India.

Now Dr Augustin Kunnathedam has come up with a herbal solution to fight against the after effects of chikun guinea. Augustin Kunnathedam is a retired biochemisty professor from kerala university. Augustin prescribes to intake a half teaspoon of paste prepared out of Ginger and Garlic for 10 days. Ginger and Garlic has to be taken in the proportion of 1:4 to prepare the paste without adding water.

Yesterday, augustin has explained this herbal alternative to the public in front of secreatariat, trivandrum. Augustin is a resident of pala, a place in the kottayam district of kerala.

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