Insurance cover for Boats

Getting insured is the need of the time. Insurance companies are coming up with new and new insurance policies day by day. Previously there were only life insurance and some general insurance policies. Now the situation has changed, in todays scenario we can insure everything from mobile phones to traveling to avoid all the potential risks.

The situation is also same for boats? Boats are very much prone to accidents while in the sea or even while sailing in small lakes or backwaters. Has your boat got insurance cover? a firm specializes in boat insurance. The website features information on all kinds of boats insurance like dinghy insurance, small craft insurance, boat insurance, speedboat insurance, RIB insurance, narrowboat insurance,
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54th Birthday of Matha Amrithananda Mayi

54th Birthday celebrations of Matha Amrithananda Mayi which was attended by more than one and a half lakh devotees has been held at Amrithapuri, Kollam. No one in this world has to be introduced about Matha Amrithananda Mayi. She has been a ray of hope for the mankind and an ambassador of peace and spirituality to the whole world. A blessing from Matha is all what is needed by the devotees assembled as part of the birthday function.

In her birthday speech matha said that the infiltration of foreign culture into our society is more hazardous than nuclear and economic deals and none is concerned about this issue. Matha has also added that the deals must satisfy our national interest.

Earlier the function has started with spiritual speech or sathsangam by Swami Amritha Swaroopanda Puri, who is the vice chairman of Amrithananda Mayi Trust.

On the occasion of celebrations new projects has been declared to help those who are financially backward in the society.

Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Blog

In this blog i have introduced many interesting and useful websites or blogs for my fellow readers. Presenting a blog regarding Criminal Law and Prosecutors of Los Angeles. The blog discusses issues and matters concerned with Criminal law in the state of California, federal crimes and facts about prosecution on celebrities. This active blog is being authored by experienced persons in the field of criminal law, who has served prominent positions in the government and has got more than 50 years of court experience. This blog is a must for those who are interested to know more about latest updates on Criminal Law proceedings in Los Angeles. Visit this link Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Blog | California Criminal Defense Lawyers Forum to find out more.

Indian Team is back after Twenty Twenty World Cup

Indian cricket team is back after winning the first ever Twenty 20 world cup. A grand reception was organized for Indian team in Mumbai city. A crowd of 35000 people was there to welcome the Indian team in the city. After getting off board, Indian team along with the officials were carried by an open bus for 30 kilometers followed by the fans. In the end felicitations has been given to all members of the Indian team at a function organized in the city.

Most of the players has got cash prizes and funds up to one million and offered special packages. The prize money is sponsored by BCCI and state governments.

Sreesanth, a member of the Indian team who is a native of kerala has been offered an amount of five lakh by the state government of kerala. Robin uthappa who is settled in the state of Karnataka, and whose mother hails from the kozhikode district of kerala has also been offered an amount of three lakh rupees by kerala government.

Always cricket is given much prominence in india and cricket players are well rewarded. But what about other sports and sporting personal? Recently Indian Hockey team has won Asia Cup for India and India Football Team has got the first ever Nehru Cup.Are they getting adequate attention from the authorites.

Need for Memory

There is no denying fact that memory market is rapidly growing. Need for memory is rising from simple mobile phones to high-end data storage products. In today's context data storage devices which uses a large chunk of memory is inevitable to run a profitable business. IBM who has got a strong and vibrant place in the field of information technology has got memory products which are highly reliable and widely accepted. Over the years IBM has introduced many world class IBM memory products into the blooming range of memory devices. If you are in need of memory devices just click on the link to find a range of memory products.

Hair Loss and Baldness

Hair loss is a health issues faced by lots of people around the world irrespective of caste of creed. Usually men's baldness comes into picture when they pass the age of 30. I think the reason for going blad might be some kind of mental tension, genetic disorders or side effect of some medicines. Hair loss which ultimately end up in baldness arises mental tension in the minds of the people and i have seen that those who are blad shows reluctance in attending public functions. In kerala there is a common saying that there is no remedy for baldness and jealousy. Nowadays experts say harifixing as a solution for baldness. Is that a permanent solution?
I talked about baldness in men then what about the issue of Womens Hair Loss and baldness. Does anyone thought about it? A blog/website named Women's Hair Loss Project is solely concerned with the issue of womens hair loss. has got tips, information and experiences of different people on how to tackle this menace.
Visit the blog to find out more.

India Won Twenty 20 World Cup

In another nail biting final, India Cricket Team has won the first ever twenty 20 world cup defeating Pakistan by 5 runs. It is a prestigious moment for all Indians. The match was a heart stopping one in all the sense. Fully energetic and absolutely young Indian cricket team has made its mark in the history of world twenty 20 world cup. Congratulations for Indian team and for the excellent captaincy by M.S Dhoni.

Indian Team In Twenty20 Cricket Final

Today two Asian cricket giants India and Pakistan will battle it out for the first ever Twenty twenty world cup. I think everyone is curious about the outcome of this match. The final match received much prominence as india is fighting against the traditional rivals pakistan. I have watched all the matches of india in this world cup. I should say that all the matches india played had got nail biting finishes. The cricket world has witnessed some excellent performace from indian team especailly from dhoni and yuvraj singh. Wishing all the best for the indian team in the finals.

An Inspirational Blog

Despite the counting number of blogs in the world wide web quality blogs are making their presence felt. Blogs which express innovative concepts and present good online perspective stays in the internet world with increasing readership. I would like to introduce this unique blog named KarlBlog to you. Karl's blog, an inspirational and motivational blog which stands apart in the blogging arena with its rich content. Kaal Moore the author of the blog is a best-selling author and an enterpreneur whose blog posts all set to inspire the readers. The thoughts provided on Kaarl More blog is a must read one for those who want to gift a different life for themselves.

Inviting Entry for Cartoon Awards

Entries has been invited for the first B.M Gafoor Cartoonist award. The first ever B.M Gafoor Cartoonist award is given by kerala cartoon academy and B.M. Gafoor Trust. Award is given to the best political cartoonist in the year 2006-2007. One can send the entries to the email

Wildlife Photography contest in Kerala

For wildlife photographers this is an opportunity to submit your wildlife images for a photography contest. Kerala state wildlife department is organizing a wildlife photography contest. This photgraphy contest is being organized along with wildlife week celebrations. The photograph entries for the contest should be concerned with wildlife and forest of kerala. You can get more information about kerala wildlife and the cotnest from the website Happy Clicking.

Notebook Computers from DELL

Notebook computers are getting a common nowadays with lots companies coming up with new models and people has started using extensively. I think the reason why notebook computer is getting popular is because those who are studying in management courses and engineering courses has started using notebook computers. Another reason is that wireless internet service is readily available, nowadays we don't have to stuck up to a desktop pc to access the internet. Every year there is an increase in the number of sales of notebook computers. Unlike desktop pc's there is only branded notebooks.

One of the undisputed leader in notebook computer is DELL Germany. My boss who is a German citizen and a frequent traveler has recently bought a dell notebook from Germany and he is very much satisfied with the performance of the notebook. He has bought the DELL Dell Vostro™ 1000 NB Notebook computer which has got an AMD Athlon Processor. DELL who has got a wide variety of notebook computers is featured in the company's website. You can browse through the website to find notebook computers which are specially designed for home, home office and for business needs.

Art festivals in trivandrum

Mudra fest organized by the cultural department of kerala government was inagurated yesterday. The inaguration of the fest in done by Governor R.L Bhattiya. Mudra fest is being organized for five days. Honorable ministers and mla's were present at the function. Soorya festivals is also got inagurated in trivandrum. Soorya fest's inagural is attended by celebreties from cultural and film field. For the coming two months its time for people in trivandrum to enjoy the best cinemas and artistic performance from all over india.

Find People from around the World

A great website where you can search for people either with their last name, first name, location where they stays or personal interests. is a people search engine where people used to find people from around the world. Wink has got the facility to search for people not only from those who are registered with the website but also from other online communities and social networking sites. Major social networks which are being searched by wink to find you the right person are MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn & Friendster etc.

Wink's people search can be used to search for your friend, school mate or college mate, business contacts or even celebrities from more than 2 million people. It is a simple task to get registered with the website by using your email id and providing minimal personal information. Another thing i got interested is the simple way in which the website has been designed. In the simple design all the adequate links and option has been placed accordingly. Just check out the website and get registered to search for people you missed out.

Mar Chrysostom Awared

Mar Chrysostom is committed to bring unity among different Christian ministies of kerala. KCYM's first ecumenical award will be presented to thirumeni after taking into consideration the service offered by the person. The award is declared in kochi by the president of KCYM Mr. Thomson Chiriyankandath. Award will be presented in 21st at a function held in Changanssery SB College.

Orlando Rental Homes

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Carry your Luggage

Every day we have to carry some luggage whether we are going to office or to school or else for a shopping, bags are needed in every walks of life. I think carrying some kind of luggage with us starts from school time. I can't imagine a school where children without school bags.
Those days are gone when people used to carry things on natural products or bags made out of natural fibres. Companies are coming up with better quality, lightweight luggage and travel products. a place on net where different types of luggage products like handbags, briefcases, business accessries, laptop bags and travel accessories are displayed. The products ranges from school children's products to profesionals.

Budgeting Software

A reliable management software is a must for the success of all kinds of business. There are ready made and customized softwares available in the market. Many software companies has got ready made software prodcucts which cater to specific needs of an industry. Customized softwares cater to the needs of a specific company. Mangement softwares are supposed to provided adequate managerial information on areas like budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting, personnel planning, consolidation etc. Budgeting software, a product of profix helps in the effective use to funds of a particular company. Profix also has got a wide range of software solutions on industries like health care, mining/consruction, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, technology and entertainment. If you are looking out for software solution visit

Trivandrum Soorya Festival

Soorya festival will be officially inaugurated today evening at 6.45pm in trivandrum. The festival will be inaugurated by the caretaker of Soorya Mr. B.R Shetty. After the inaugural function there will be musical concert by M.G Sreekumar, Manjari and Vithu Prathap. After that soorya's movie will be shown for the first time and major ravi's latest movie 'Mission 90 Days will also be featured. Actor Mohanlal will also be present at the inaugural ceremony.

This is the 30th year of soorya festival being organized in trivandrum. Soorya festival has been recognized by Limca Book of Records as one and only one festival in asia which has got a longest duration of more that 75 days. During these 75 days of festivity about 1000 artists from different parts of india will be performing.

Website for Jewish Personals

Are you looking forward to find men and women from Jews community. A new website or rather a Jews dating site to search for Jewish singles. I think this is one of a kind in the internet world. Dating site and match making sites are common in the internet, this is for the first time i am finding a website solely for a certain community on the net. The site has got a database of about fifty thousand Jewish personals to look out for. As per the information from the website, the site has got professionally qualified, serious minded and singles are those who are looking for solid relationships. Just check it out. This Jewish dating website is available in more than five languages like Spanish, French, Portuguese, Deutsch and obviously english.
The service is offered absolutely free, no upfront payment is required to browse the database. Only thing is just like every other dating or match making website we have to get registered with the website by providing our personal details and email id. The email id which we using to register is used to login in later time. Logon to find your Jewish Partner

Naalu Pennungal in Toronto Film Festival

Naalu Pennungal a movie created by Adoor Gopalakrishanan has been shown in toronto film festival. This is a great recognition for a movie from kerala and the director of this movie. The movies has been shown in the master's category. There were 6 shows for this movie in the film festival with full house. The movie is based on the short stories written by Late Thakazhi. Naalu Pennungals is one among the 10 films which is selected for Newyork and Los-angeles film festivals.

What is your Hobby?

I think almost all of us has got some kind of hobbies. Watching TV and Internet browsing is my hobby!!!. I hope some one might also be having a hobby like that. According to those who are having some kind of serious hobbies, it helps them to effectively use the spare time and engage in some work other than the day to day job. With regard to some people, inorder to start a particular hobby there should be some kind of inborn talent or creativity.
Nowadays there is no need of a particular talent to get into some kind of hobby. Products and equipments are readily available in the market to start up an intersting hobby of your own. Products like RC Airplanes, Blimps & Flying Saucers, RC Boats & Submarines
RC Cars & Trucks, Games & Collectibles, Kites, Plastic Models & Die-casts
Model Rocket, Popular Sceince products, Telescopes etc are available in the market.
What your are waiting for? Start a hobby of your own today

Fight against chikun guinea - a herbal way

Chikun Guinea, a disease which had spread mostly in the southern part of kerala in the recent past. Those affected will be having and fever and joint pain for about one week and after that parts of body will get swollen along with pain all over the body. I think this discease has affected more than 30% per of people in kerala in less than 3 months. This epidemic like discease has raised questions about the efficieny of kerala's health care system. which is as one of the best health care system in India.

Now Dr Augustin Kunnathedam has come up with a herbal solution to fight against the after effects of chikun guinea. Augustin Kunnathedam is a retired biochemisty professor from kerala university. Augustin prescribes to intake a half teaspoon of paste prepared out of Ginger and Garlic for 10 days. Ginger and Garlic has to be taken in the proportion of 1:4 to prepare the paste without adding water.

Yesterday, augustin has explained this herbal alternative to the public in front of secreatariat, trivandrum. Augustin is a resident of pala, a place in the kottayam district of kerala.

Kerala to be a complete banking state

Kerala is the third state in india to acheive the recognition as a complete banking state. Complete banking state means atleast one person in a family will be having an account with any of the banks in kerala. Comparatively smaller states like Goa and Himachal Pradesh has acheived this before kerala. According to a reserve bank official out of 14 districts in kerala 12 districs has acheived this and two districts will be acheiving this shortly. This has been achived after all the major banks of had started an account mobilisation campaign. As part of the campaign 'no frills' account has been given to new customers. Bank accounts has been opened with zero balance. Banks has taken photographs for those who are not having their own photographs and arranged address proof for those who are unable to produce the same.

Natural Fire Place

As part of my cousins project work on fire, i have been searching on the net for different fire related news and stuffs. I have ended up in a new website named, a new website which features new and innovative fire equipments. The products i found interesting in the website is fire tables and fire glass. The table introduced by oriflame comes in a variety of elegant designs with a firepit in the center. This is for the first time i get to know about this type of product. Another product is fire glass for the natural gas fire place inside the home. Visit the website to know more.

IGNOU study centres in villages

IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) along with CNRI (Confederation of Non Governmental organization of Rural India will be starting study centres in villages of india. The main objective of this consortium is to impart the best of Information Technology to the needed in the villagers of india. The IGNOU -CNRI has plans to start study centers in about 603 districts of india by 2008 and within 2010 study centers will be setup in six lakh villages of india. A resolution has been signed by heads of these organizations to setup these study centers.

Drug Rehabilitation

Before writing this post about drug abuse and rehabilitation i have searched over the world wide web on this topic. The result i found was shocking. I have found lakhs of web pages dealing with drug rehabilitation. From these search results it is quite evident that the number of drug addicts are increasing and the drug rehab centres. Even in the small state of kerala there are lots of drug rehab centers or deaddiction centers. In kerala deaddiction centres has more alchohol addicts than drug addicts. In most drug addiction cases either the addicted will be admitted in a mental hospital or will undergo some ayurvedic or natural treatments.
In order to get rid of drug addiction which one is the best way is it the modern method of treatments or the natural way?

Swathi Music Award

The Swathi Music Award for the year 2006 has been presented to Karnatic musician Neyyatinkara Vasudevan. Every year this award has been given to renowned and talented musicians by sangeetha nadaka academy. The award is presented to Neyyattinkara Vasudevan by honorable chief minister V.S Achuthanandan at a function held in durbar hall, Trivandrum. Accroding to the members of sangeetha nataka academy this award is given to those who have made outstanding contribution to indian music.

Plastics Menace

Recently kerala government has banned plastic products and carry bags which are less than 30 microns. In my point of view it is a great decision by kerala government. It is widely agreed that plastics and plastic products is a big menace for the environment. I am wondering even after the warnings from experts why authorities are reluctant in implementing ban on plastics?. I have discussed this decision of government with some of my friends, they are all concerned about the ban and worried about an alternative for plastics. Is there anyway to recycle the plastics which are being produced?

Cochin merchants union and all kerala plastic manufacturers association has prepared a plan to recycle used plastics. According to their plan they will be collecting the used plastic products at about ten rupees per kilogram and will be send to recycling units just like how paper is being recycled. In kerala about 100 plastic recycling units are there, i think the units are not functioning properly. If those units has been given a new life, then it can end this plastic menace in kerala. The recycled plastics can be used in gardening equipments, benches, bags and can also be used as an ingredient in road tarring. Hope this initiative can end up the plastic menace in kerala.

Skin Care

In today's world everyone is looking how to look better. Some years back only women were using cosmetics and other beautification products. Nowadays lots of products are there in the market specifically for men. I had found that men using the cosmetics made for woman. Companies which are producing skin care and hair care products has got products specifically for both males and females. Along with the new range of cosmetic products all the companies has got their ayurvedic and herbal variants also. The cosmetics manufacturers are claiming that their herbal or ayurvedic variants of their regular use cosmetic products can reduce side effects of the skin.

ORIKI Cosmeceuticals is a company has introduced a brand new product. The product is a solution for pigmented skin. Pigmented skin is common among people who are skin types of asian and Mediterranean and olive type. Each year ORIKI Cosmeceuticals introduces more than five thousand different types of cosmetics into the market. Every product is specially developed for specific skin types to be matched for different skin types. These specific products helps in to avoid side effects by using one product for another type of skin. The new skin care product has got effective ingredients to fight the pigment disorders of the skin.

A new website of a charity organisation

A website has been created for a charity organisation in trivnadrum. Fides is primarily working for the development of the fishermen community in trivandrum. This NGO is located at Punthura, Trivandrum

The domain of the website is The website has details about the achievements, objectives, functions and activities of the organisation. Visit the website

Better Blog Rankings

Better ranking for a blog or a website is an important factor if you are planning to monetize the website. The internet companies who are ranking websites or blogs are search engine majors like google, alexa and yahoo. Better Alexa rankings and Google page ranks make website or blog more visible in the world wide web. Alexa ranking helps in determining worthiness of a blog or website for webmaster and online ad networks

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Happy Blogging.

Guruvayoorappan Chambai Award

Dr.M Balamuralikrishna will receive this year's Gurvayoorappan Chembai Puraskaram. This is being given by guruvayur devaswom for outstanding talents in karnatic music. Dr.M BalaMuralikrishna who is an eminent and renowned karnatic singer will be receiving an amount of rupees 50,001 and 10 gm gold locket. This year onwards chembai puraskaram or award is renamed to Guruvayoorappan Chambai Puraskaram. This award will be presented on coming November 6th.

Elegant Cufflinks

This is a new information to me that there is wide variety of cufflinks in the market. The designer and trendy cufflinks can give an elegant look to those who wear it. has introduced a wide range of cufflinks which can be used as a designer ornament. It is quite interesting to know that cufflinks is being used or worn since seventeenth century by ladies and mens in their formal wear. For the last ten to fifteen years cufflinks was not much popular. Cufflinks like cufflinks for men, designer cufflinks, colored cufflinks, ladies cufflinks are back and popular than ever.

Trivandrum Flower Festival ends Today

For the last one week Kanakakunnu Observatory Hills was a beautiful garden being arranged by different varieties of flower plants and designer flowers. This flower show has provided a heavenly touch for the place. The closing celebration of the flower show has been held in the Tagore theater of vazhuthacaud trivandrum. During the closing ceremony winner of different competitions like japanese flower arrangement,vegetable carving, bockae arrangements has been awarded. A Ganamela has been organized by ACV RoseBowl channel for the closing ceremony

Office Furniture

Specially designed office furnitures is inevitable for today's office. Modern office furniture ensures an elegant look for the offices. Furnitures like executive desks, reception desks, chairs and designer partitions which are made out of wood and metal are readily available in the market. Lots of companies are spending huge amounts for innovative and designer furnitures.
But what about the cost of these furnitures? It is not easily affordable. Is there any low cost alternative? I think wood carved out of rubber trees is a better alaternative.

Nature and Culture Based Tourism

Kerala Tourism is purely based on its natural beauty and its culture. Kerala Tourism Department and other organizations associated with tourism is promoting culture based tourism. This is quite evident from the websites of travel operators and kerala tourism website. Tourists who are visiting kerala would like to watch rituals of kerala and experience the age old and traditional ayurveda.

During onam time itself lots of cultural programs are being organized by government specially for the tourists. Cultural programs are organized in more than fifteen venues in trivandrum alone. These programs are not only enjoyed by tourists but also by native people.

Kerala has got a number of exotic beaches, hill stations and beautiful landscapes with adds to the promotion of nature based tourism. These natural wonders are more than enough to attract tourists from around the world. These assets of kerala helps in bringing out the best in hospitality industry.

Just like kerala state Hawaii has also got some breathtaking beaches of the world. Hawaii tourism is also based on nature and its culture. Hawaii is the place where lots of people would like to spend their vacation in hawaii beach homes. Maui vacation homes is an option for those intersted in beach vaccations. If you are planning to have a beach vacation you can find intersting Hawaii Travel Information from the website

Plastic Ban in Kerala

Plastic has been banned in kerala. Plastic This decision by kerala government is not widely accepted by the public. Nature lovers and Ecologists has welcomed this move made by the government. Ban on plastics has affected lots of people, especially the common man and business persons. Common man and small business can't afford paper bags because it is highly priced. A medium size paper bag costs about 5 rupees in kerala. If small business owners and hoteliers are going for paper bags then it will a burden to the end customer as the cost of paper bag will be added to the product. As per government rules those who are selling or using products like plastic covers, carry bags and other containers which are below 30 microns will be penalized. Local administration and Health Department has given the responsibility to penalize those plastic users.

Do you think ban on plastics is a good move?

View Points

A binocular is a a gadget which arises curiosity in everyones minds. Binoculars are an essential for travelers and tourists especially for adventure tourists. Binoculars are also used by defense personnels. Binoculars especially night vision binoculars are very much useful in military field and war zones. Now a days we have pedestal-mounted and coin operated binoculars installed on different tourist destinations around the world. Major optical device and lens manufacturers have innovative, feature rich and wide variety of binoculars in the market. The features which are in new binoculars are Image stabilization, auto focus and auto alignment .

Ameteur and Professional Bird watchers and Astronomers are very much in need of high quality binoculars which helps them to have a closer view of their subjects. Binoculars should be bought from those who are having exceptional product range and outstanding technical knowledge about the binoculars. has got a wide range of binoculars at affordable price range.