The News Source, an innovative and new concept for getting news on different topics in the internet world. Every one those who has got some news or information about a particular thing or current events can submit to this website. Other who are interested to know the news can surf for personalized news on different topics. Most of the news are being submitted by different blog news creators from around the world. On submitting the news a thoof rank badge will be provided by the website to include in a blog post which helps in determining the popularity of a news. The popularity of the website is based on percentage basis.

While submitting a news a title,link and short an description of the news to generate interest among the readers and two tags or keywords for the new to get searched has to be provided. The tags which are provided has to be suitable and appropriate to the context of the news submitted to the website and at least two tags has to be provided for a single news submission. This a place for submitting a news and for surfing for information on different topics by just browsing through the website or search with tags or keywords. An excellent website to search for interesting news on current events and other topics.

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