Karkidaka Vavu - Shradham

Yesterday it was karkidaka vavu in kerala. Karkidaka vavu is the new moon day in the malayalam month of karkidakom. Karkidakom otherwise called aadi masam is the last month of malayalam calender. The new moon day of karkidaka month is very important to hindus in kerala. There will be some rituals performed in the beaches and in the waterways of kerala in the rememberance of their ancestors. The rituals has been performed in the beaches of kovalam, sanghumugham, thiruvallam and papanasham in trivandrum. Papanasham in varkala and thiruvallam near to kovalam is considered as the sacred place for performing these rituals. Yesterday thousands of people has reached these placed to perform these rituals. Aluva manappuram, a sand bed in ernakulam district of kerala is another prominent place for this ritual. Returning after performing these rituals the men and women must be fed with a good feast or sadya with all the keralite dishes.

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