Digital Festivity

It is festival time here in kerala. Onam has become a time to buy and sell digital products and electronic items. Brand new and feature rich digital products are on the display on different shops and dealers with festive promotional offers at discounted rates. Major companies have come up with new models and feature rich digital cameras and digi camcoders this festive season.
Now-a-days digital cameras are common in households and people used to capture every moment of their life. As digital camera doesn't need film rolls so there no hassle of image processing. The images taken can be viewed in a pc, in a handheld device or in a digital photo frame. Digital frames comes in seven to ten inch lcd displays. Digital photo frames is a remotely controlled and a compact image viewer. Inorder to view the captured images just place the memory card of the digital camera on the digital photo frame and adjust the timing and transition. As the device is compact and handy we can place it any where in our home.

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