A.K.G in theatres Tomorrow

A new movie based on the life and struggles of AKG will be released tomorrow. AKG was an undisputed personality and the leader of the communisty party in kerala. The movie proves that AKG is still alive in the minds of keralites with all its radiance. This could be the reason that persuaded Shaji N Karun to create a docu-fiction movie on Comrade AKG. Communism might have declined in many parts of the world but it is still prevelant among keralites.
As claimed by the promoters and producers who gave life to this movie, 'Purogamana KalaSahithya Sangham of kozhikode' and 'Abudhabi Shakthi Theatres', it is the first democratic movie in kerala. According to the director Shaji N Karun, this docu-fiction movie has become a reality after 6 years of hard work and spent about thirty five lakhs. The director also told to the media that the profit which is raised from the movie will be send to charity.

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